"Nikoshpan": instructions for use, reviews, analogues

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The Hungarian drug "Nikospan" is sold inmany pharmacy chains and kiosks without a prescription. But this does not mean that the medication can be used on its own. Before using any medication, you should consult your doctor for advice. Today's article will tell you about how Nikospan is used. Instructions for use of this drug will be presented to your attention.

nikospan instructions for use

Composition of the preparation, form of production and action

The medicine is in the form of small tablets. They have a light yellow hue. In one package there are 50 pills placed in a plastic tube with a lid. This container, in turn, is packed in a cardboard box on which "Nikospan" is written.

Instruction for use says that the composition ofThe drug contains the active ingredient drotaverina hydrochloride. One tablet contains 78 milligrams of this component. Also in the preparation there is a nicotinic acid of 22 mg. As additional components are talc, lactose, starch, magnesium stearate and so on.

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Indications for use and limitations

When recommends using tablets"Nikospan" instructions for use? According to the annotation, the drug has a hypolipidemic effect and a vasodilating effect. It relieves spasm and improves blood circulation. The following situations are described in the indications, which include the treatment of tablets "Nikoshpan":

  • headache and migraine;
  • encephalopathy;
  • spasm and vascular sclerosis;
  • violation of peripheral circulation;
  • angiospasm, endarteritis and so on.

Prohibits taking tablets "Nikospan"instructions for use with hypersensitivity to its components, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is not allowed to carry out treatment in young children and people with acute renal and hepatic insufficiency.

nikospan instructions for use price

Nikoshpan: instructions for use

Reviews about the drug tell you that itsshould be taken as needed. The medicine is not prescribed for the prevention. It is not able to prevent disease. The annotation says that the medication is prescribed for 1 tablet up to three times a day. Drink the pill with clean water. Preliminary grinding of the drug does not require, but does not prohibit such. With a headache, which is caused by vasospasms, the pills are used once. Long-term drug is taken with angiospastic pathologies. Before the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to read the information, which is told about the tablets "Nikospan" instructions for use.

Price, reviews, similar products

The cost of the drug depends on where you put ityou get. Buy this medication is not difficult. It is not a scarce remedy and there are practically all pharmacy points. Necessary to each pack of medicine "Nikospan" instructions for use. The price of the drug is not more than 200 rubles.

It is required to replace the medicine in cases wherethere is no possibility to acquire it. Also, analogues with other active substances are used in the presence of hypersensitivity or because of side effects. The doctor can offer you the following tools to replace the medicine "Nikospan":

  • Drotaverine;
  • "No-Shpa";
  • "Spazmalgon";
  • "A nicotinic acid";
  • "Troxevasin."

Absolute analogues with identical composition are not found at present. The medicine replacing the drug "Nikospan" is selected by the doctor in accordance with the patient's disease.

What are the opinions about the means of Nikospan? Consumers say that it works pretty quickly. Already half an hour after the first application, a positive effect is noticeable. In addition, the tablets are well combined with nootropic drugs, which are often prescribed with the previously described indications. Users of the drug note that the medicine is inexpensive, it has few contraindications. The drug does not cause negative reactions. However, there are clinical data that some users have caused a digestive disorder. Doctors explain this fact by the content in the preparation of lactose. Therefore, patients with lactase deficiency tablets are appointed cautiously.

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From the article you learned about the drug "Nikoshpan". Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of tablets and their photos are presented to your attention. Remember that you should not rely on reviews about the drug and take the medicine yourself. Any self-treatment is fraught with negative consequences. If you have complaints about your health, your head often hurts, then you should contact the doctor. After examination, the doctor can correctly diagnose and prescribe therapy. Perhaps you will be recommended is the drug "Nikospan". Be healthy!

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