Trental: instructions for use

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With some pathologies, the supply of blood to small vessels is disrupted. To activate the microcirculation process, doctors prescribe the drug Trental.

The instruction indicates that it includespentoxifylline, an active substance that is a derivative of xanthine. This drug has a beneficial effect on the rheological properties of the circulatory system. It reduces the concentration of fibrinogen in the blood plasma, improving fibrinolysis. To normalize the elasticity of erythrocytes, reduce platelet aggregation and blood viscosity, Trental is also used.

The use of this drugcauses the accumulation of adenosine monophosphate in its cyclic form in the myocytes of the vascular wall, blood cells. Influencing the muscle cells, pentoxifylline causes a small myotropic vasodilator action. All this in total leads to a decrease in the overall resistance of peripheral vessels, as well as an increase in the minute volume of blood flow. The effect on the heart rate for this drug is not.

The greatest result in improving cellularrespiration and microcirculation is achieved in the central nervous system, limbs, and in the kidneys. There is also a stimulation of collateral circulation, if "Trental" is administered parenterally.

The instruction recommends and oral administration,since this drug is well absorbed from the digestive tract. The maximum content of pentoxifylline in the plasma is reached within an hour after its application. The substance does not accumulate in the body.

"Trental". Indications for use:

• Circulatory disturbances in the periphery of various origins (including those caused by diabetes mellitus, inflammatory processes or atherosclerosis);

• encephalopathy of atherosclerotic origin, dyscirculatory encephalopathy, ischemic stroke;

• angioedema, Raynaud's disease, paresthesia.

This is not the whole list of pathologies,which may be the use of this drug. For example, with local disorders of microcirculation, Trental also helps. The instruction recommends its use in ulcers, frostbites, gangrene, with hearing loss due to circulatory disorders, emphysema, bronchial asthma, circulatory failure in the retina and vessels of the eye, vascular impotence.

It is necessary to take into account a number of contraindications when using this drug:

• individual hypersensitivity to the drug,

• hemorrhagic stroke,

• tendency to bleeding,

• hemorrhage in the retina,

• Pregnancy and lactation.

When the drug interacts with fibrinolytic agents and heparin, their effect is enhanced. Additional monitoring of blood coagulation is required.

Such side effects as hypofibrinogenemia,allergic reactions (Quincke's edema, rhinitis, skin itch and even anaphylactic shock), headache, increased irritability, angina attacks, decreased blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, thrombocytopenia, and the appearance of aseptic meningitis are possible with Trental.

The instruction warns:it is necessary with great care to prescribe this drug to patients who suffer from cerebral arteriosclerosis or coronary artery atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, and prone to sudden pressure surges. Caution is also necessary during its appointment with stomach ulcers, heart failure and in the postoperative period.

Before using Trental, consult a specialist. Medicines should be prescribed by a doctor.

Take care of your health!

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