Poisoning with alcohol. First aid

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Alcohol in small doses is even useful,it helps to relieve tension, relax, cheer up. But Paracelsus said: "Everything is poison and everything is a cure" - it's a matter of dose. An increase in the dose leads to a loss of control over one's behavior, excitation, emancipation of instincts and an inadequate assessment of the situation.

As a rule, the natural end of the use of large volumes in a short time is alcohol poisoning. His symptoms are:

  • quicker, inconsistent breathing;
  • violation of coordination of movements;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • pallor;
  • drowsiness or deep sleep;
  • slowing of the pulse;
  • weakness of muscles;
  • loss of sensitivity.

The dose that causes alcohol poisoning depends on theage, sex, physical condition and weight of a person. Often in this state, adolescents and people with a slow metabolism fall. If there is alcohol poisoning, what should I do to alleviate the fate of the victim? How can I help him before the ambulance arrives?

The most important thing: you can not let the patient fall asleep! To do this, you can use any methods, whether it's a sack with ammonia or patting your cheeks. If the victim is conscious, he needs to rinse his stomach, for this they give him a drink of 4 to 6 glasses of warm water. To strengthen the gag reflex, you can pour water on it or add a drop of ammonia to it. In medical institutions, water is poured into the stomach through a special probe.

The next step is to give the patientEnterosorbents (such as polyphepan, silica gel or polysorb). An effective and affordable drug is activated charcoal, it is given in a dose of 1000 mg for every 10 kg of body weight.

After the remnants of alcohol are withdrawn, it is necessary to weaken the intoxication of the body, which is given by any alcohol poisoning. What to do for this? First of all, you need to give analgesics, which will relieve the headache. You can use any, except paracetamol, which in combination with alcohol is very harmful to the liver. To reduce the harmful effect of alcohol on the body, you can give the patient ascorbic acid or B vitamins, they will accelerate the metabolic processes. For the same purposes, succinic acid is very effective, which enhances biochemical processes in cells.

Recommendations are appropriate if it is alcohol poisoning light or moderate degrees of gravity. High doses of alcohol, failure to provide timely help can lead to an alcoholic coma. First, muscles relax, all movements become difficult, breathing becomes slower, consciousness slows down, a person feels deafened.

At this point, death from paralysis of the respiratory organs, motor center or coma may occur.

Symptoms of coma are: sticky and cold skin, low body temperature, reddened face, inflamed eyes, relaxed sphincters, resulting in excreted feces and urine. Pupils in this state are narrowed, if the breathing disorder increases, they expand. Further, breathing slows down, the pulse becomes more frequent and is poorly audible. With a deep coma, a collapse develops, which requires intensive and urgent therapy. The patient needs urgent medical help. He is placed in a horizontal position, raised his lower limbs, covered with a blanket. It is also necessary to inject 2 ml of a 10% solution of sodium caffeine-benzoate subcutaneously. Timely medical care can prevent irreversible consequences.

The greatest danger is caused by poisoningalcohol-surrogate or home-made alcoholic beverages. They can cause dystrophic changes in the brain and liver, the treatment of which is ineffective.

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