Thrush in women. Treatment at home - is it real?

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What is a thrush, almost every woman knows. Few people manage to avoid this phenomenon. At least once you have to think about how to get rid of it. What is thrush in women? Treatment at home - is it real? We will answer these questions in this article.

How to recognize the ailment?

Thrush in women. Home Treatment

True signs of the presence of this fungusthe diseases are the following: reddening of the mucous membrane of the genitals, white coating and unbearable itching. Thrush is not always caused by infection from outside. The reasons for its occurrence can be:

  • frequent stress;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • eating foods that are saturated with sugar or salt;
  • fatigue at work, training;
  • lowered immunity.

Thrush in women? Treatment at home - the path to success

If you have the above symptoms, you do not need to panic and panic. The most reasonable action will be to visit a gynecologist immediately.

Treatment of thrush in women. Price list
He will be able to diagnose, and if confirmed,that it really is about thrush, prescribe the necessary medications. Independently take medications that are regularly advertised on TV and recommended by friends, it is not necessary, since there is a risk that the substances that make up their composition will cause in your body the opposite expected reaction.

At home, thrush is treated only byprescription of a doctor who examined you beforehand. Also, do not experiment with folk remedies. What can a doctor prescribe by choosing a treatment for thrush in women:

  • tablets, which include the substances fluconazole, natamycin and other antifungal components;
  • cream;
  • vaginal tablets;
  • diet;
  • sexual abstinence, until the fungal infection is destroyed.

Most experts recommend suchmedicines like "Flucostat", "Mikomaks" and "Diflucan". Together with them, it is recommended to use various probiotics, which contain bacteria useful for the body.

Treatment of thrush in women. Price list

The cost of an agent for candidiasis may beup to 700 rubles. At the same time it is necessary to clarify with the doctor how many tablets to take, how long the course of treatment lasts. Note also that if you decide to heal with professionals, you will have to prepare much more money. The cost will include tests, examination and direct treatment.


Folk remedies can also help with thisproblem, like thrush in women. Treatment at home involves not only the use of medicines, but also the use of traditional medicine.

treatment of thrush in women: tablets
Below we will tell you about the most popular methods of such healing:

  • Douching. In this procedure, decoctions of herbs and herbal preparations are used. But no matter how good the natural resources are, you can not always use them. It is more reasonable to clarify everything at the gynecologist.
  • Baths. Oak bark, calendula, chamomile - all these ingredients can be used. Baths for intimate places can be done constantly, preferably daily. If you can not get the above funds, then use the usual soda - its fungus does not like the most.

In such ways, thrush in women is eliminated. Treatment at home can be done only after consulting a doctor.

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