"FormTotics" - orthopedic insoles. Description, advantages, reviews

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Flat feet, joint pain, curvature of postureis the result of using the wrong shoes and walking for many years on flat hard surfaces. A person's foot is not only the foundation of the body. Its special structure provides amortization of the body during walking and running, maintaining balance and proper posture. Even the slightest change in the shape of the foot results in increased strain on the joints and spine, to muscle imbalance and painful sensations. Therefore, traditionally to prevent such problems use special orthopedic insoles. Now many companies produce such products, but the "FormTotics" system is more popular. These insole are made individually and are suitable for both sports and everyday wear.

formotix insoles

Characteristics of "FormTotics" products

Insole made with this technology,correct not only the deformities of the feet, but also improve the condition of the entire musculoskeletal system. They are made from a thermoformable material, so they do not simply provide support to the foot, but do not restrain its movement. Special material - foam Formax - has no analogues in quality. It is soft, has antibacterial properties. These insoles remember the individual characteristics of the foot, not only at rest, but also under load. This is the main advantage of FormTotics products. Insoles made with this technology are wear-resistant, comfortable and easy to care for. The peculiarity of them is also that, in addition to manufacturing according to individual sizes, they can be re-molded after a while. In addition, the insoles are also selected for the purpose of application. They are divided into several groups:

  • comfort;
  • sports;
  • workers;
  • everyday;
  • insole with transverse flat feet;
  • low profile.
    insole with flat feet

Manufacturing technology

Not everyone knows where to buy orthopedic insoles,manufactured using the technology "FormTotics." In each large city there are representative offices of the firm, where specialists directly at the client will make him individual insoles. Depending on the nature of the foot, body weight, load level, this or that model is chosen. It can be a single-layer or two-layer insole, with additional support for arches or semi-stem. After that, directly in the shoes, it is heated by a special device. Its formation ends when the patient moves: the insole takes an individual shape. All this takes 20 minutes. After 2-3 weeks, you need to visit the doctor again to correct the shape with the help of special wedges-modifiers. So the insoles "Formotix" are made. The price of such a product will be 6-7 thousand rubles. And this cost includes repeated visits to the doctor and warranty service for 2 years.

insoles price table

When to use "FormTotics"

Orthopedic insoles are ordinary insoles,complemented by a special relief and having a special shape to improve the damping properties of the foot. They are needed to correct various disorders and restore normal functions of the foot. Orthopedic insoles are most often used with flat feet. And it is "FormTotics" that proved the best. They should be worn in such cases:

  • if walking is observed pain in the feet, in the muscles and joints;
  • with deformities of bones and joints of the lower extremities;
  • Such insoles are useful for flat feet, arthrosis, osteoporosis;
  • with increased loads on the musculoskeletal system, for example, in sports, obesity, "standing" work or pregnancy;
  • with varicose veins;
  • in the presence of corns, corns, heel spurs;
  • after injuries and surgical treatment of joints, ligaments and muscles;
  • to reduce the load on the spine with hernias, violation of posture;
  • to prevent deformities of the foot in diabetes and gout.

where to buy orthopedic insoles

Useful action of insoles

Orthopedic products "FormTotics" are appointeddoctors with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But it is also possible to order such insoles on their own for preventive purposes. After all, they have such properties:

  • exclude overloads of the musculoskeletal system;
  • ensure the preservation of balance and normal gait;
  • correctly distribute the load on all muscle groups;
  • protect the joints from wear and tear;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • reduce pain in the muscles and back;
  • prevent the development of flat feet;
  • protect from injury.
    formtoxy insoles reviews

Advantages over other orthopedic products

There are several types of individual insoles. They are often hard, fixing the foot and correcting its strong deformation. But such insoles with flat-footedness are used only with pronounced pathology. To prevent the disease, he is not able, on the contrary, reduce the tone of muscles and ligaments.

But orthopedic insoles "FormTotiks" havebefore other products a lot of advantages. They are made on an individual impression of the foot, not only at rest, but also in motion with a load. This allows you to take into account its features and relieve the patient from discomfort when wearing. This is due to the special technology "FormTotiks". Insoles are made by thermoforming in the presence of the patient. So they "remember" all the individual characteristics, which allows them to more effectively perform their functions. Products support the foot, provide depreciation properties, but do not restrain movement, like most other options.

But not only because of this so popular insoles"FormTotiks". Their price is quite affordable and available to most patients. For only 5-7 thousand rubles, you can purchase an individually made product.

insoles with transverse flatfoot

How useful insoles for flat feet

Reviews on the use of the system "FormTotiks" sayfor themselves: they are not only comfortable, but also effective in the treatment of foot deformities. Apply such insoles with transverse flatfoot, longitudinal and mixed deformations. Moreover, the treatment is completely unnoticeable for the patient: he just walks regularly in shoes with these insoles. After a month of wearing it is necessary to visit the doctor again, who will assess the changes and, if necessary, make corrections.

Insoles "FormTotiks" for children

Many parents are interested in where to buyorthopedic insoles which would protect the child from flat-footedness. The problem is that ordinary instep supports and other orthoses, which are sold in pharmacies, can only harm children's foot, disrupting its proper formation and weakening muscles. And individual insoles "FormTotiks" do not interfere with the natural movement of the child's legs, but prevent its deformation. When used in adolescence, these insoles help distribute the load, which reduces muscle fatigue. Increased depreciation properties of insoles "FormTotiks" help prevent the development of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

orthopedic insoles formtotiks

Application in sport

It was for athletes that were created 30 years ago.these insoles. Their author - Dr. Charles Baycroft - tried to reduce the load on the feet during sports, increase muscle strength and endurance of the body. Insoles "FormTotiks" help distribute the load on the muscles and joints, control every movement of the foot and improve balance. They turned out to be so effective and convenient that now most athletes use them in training. They fit any shoe and ideally reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system. The correct position of the foot and 100% grip with the support provides increased effectiveness of training.

Insoles "FormTotiks": reviews

But now these products are not only usedathletes. Ordinary people have noticed how comfortable it is to move in shoes with such insoles. He noted that the pain in the joints decreased, the muscles began to get tired less. Especially many thanks can be heard from patients with flat-footedness or valgus deformity of the foot. It is very difficult to correct this pathology in adults, but insoles help to return comfort and freedom of movement. Light walk, the absence of pain in the evenings - is the result of the use of products "FormTotiks."

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