Inguinal hernia. Operation or a selftreatment?


Surgical intervention in humanthe body is always a huge stress for him. However, in most cases, such a procedure becomes simply necessary. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious complications, which can be followed by a fatal outcome. Among patients in the surgical department, a large percentage is occupied by those who have been diagnosed with inguinal hernia. The operation to remove it is quite simple, but meanwhile some people prefer to refuse treatment. What is the threat to the patient and what, in fact, is the essence of such a diagnosis?

It is worth noting that the inguinal hernia is knownphysicians from time immemorial. However, in the early years, when antiseptics and anesthesia did not yet exist, surgery to remove it had a huge number of deaths. Now the level of skill of specialists and the availability of modern technology make it possible to bring such a procedure into the ranks of the simplest.

Inguinal hernia, removal surgeryis done even under local anesthesia, is the exit of internal organs from the abdominal cavity. And men are diagnosed with this diagnosis much more often than women. This is due, first of all, to the fact that in girls the inguinal canal has a more successful shape (crevice) and is also better secured by tendons. Therefore, women are much less likely to fall on the operating table with a similar diagnosis.

So what is the inguinal hernia dangerous? The consequences of it can be very serious and negative for a person. The fact is that the organs leaving the abdominal cavity can easily become trapped by the sharp squeezing of the hernia gates. All this is accompanied by pain, digestion, inflammation. Men may have a problem with the testicles. They are also prone to inflammation. In addition, stagnation of fecal matter occurs.

It is very important to know the main symptoms by whichyou can independently find out that you have a hernia of inguinal. The operation will be appointed only in the event that the conjectures are confirmed by an official diagnosis of the surgeon. If a persistent feeling of compression and severity arises in the abdomen, which until then has not been disturbed, it is worthwhile to think about visiting a specialist. A more obvious symptom is protrusion into the groin, which can change its shape and size depending on the position of the body. As a rule, it feels soft and touches your fingers. If in the performance of all sorts of physical exertion at the point of protrusion there are painful sensations, then as soon as possible sign up for an appointment with a surgeon.

Because of what does inguinal hernia occur?The operation to remove it is the strengthening of the abdominal wall and the plastic of the canal. Therefore, the cause may be, for example, natural muscle weakness and untrained tissues in a given area of ​​the body. The protrusion of the hernia occurs due to regular physical exertion, the presence of excess weight in the patient, chronic constipation or even persistent coughing and sneezing. Also in the risk zone are pregnant women. However, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of such an ailment. To reduce the risk, it is necessary to wear a special bandage during pregnancy and after childbirth, regularly strengthen the muscles of the abdominal and inguinal area by physical exercises, and monitor food and quit smoking.

Perhaps, already there is no such clinic, whereverthe inguinal hernia was removed. The operation takes little time and is done mostly under local anesthesia. Indications for general anesthesia is the individual intolerance of medications, as well as the age of children under 1 year. The patient can also insist on carrying out the operation under complete anesthesia. You do not have to worry that ugly scars remain on your body. This technology is already in the past. Now, in order to remove the inguinal hernia, only three small punctures of the abdominal cavity are needed with special tools. Remember that self-medication in this case is not only inefficient, but also dangerous. Completely get rid of inguinal hernia can only be through surgery.