Herpes labial (cold on the lips): causes, treatment

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Labial herpes is considered one of the mostcommon viral diseases. Ancient Greek doctors wrote about him. In the people it is often called colds on the lips and try to fight in all possible ways. More than half of the world's population is infected with the herpes virus, but clinical manifestations are observed only in 7%. What is more remarkable about this pathology?

Features of the disease

Labial herpes is an acute infectiousa disease that manifests itself in the form of inflammatory formations. Its main localization is the lips and the zones closest to them on the face. Sometimes the symptoms of pathology appear on the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. In the role of the causative agent of infection is the herpes simplex virus. Once in the body, it remains in it forever. Penetration occurs by airborne droplets, as well as by contact and household.

labial herpes

The main causes of infection

Most cases of herpes virus infectionfalls on a younger age. By the age of 3-4 years, the antibodies received from the mother are already ending their action, and their own are not yet able to cope with the assigned functions. After penetration, the virus gradually accumulates in the body. The infection itself is primary (when transmitted from a sick person) or secondary (activation of existing pathogens) forms. In any case, the main reason for the development of the disease is the creation of favorable conditions for the life of the virus by reducing immunity.

Labial herpes is initiated by awakeninglatent infection or newly penetrated viruses, if conditions exist for their disease-causing activity. The following factors can lead to the development of the inflammatory process:

  • frequent hypothermia;
  • prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • severe stress or psychological stress;
  • colds;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • complicated pregnancy;
  • immunodeficiency.

Against the background of the suppression of the body's defenses, the virus gradually rises along the nerve channels, provoking multiple foci of inflammation on the skin.

herpes disease

How to recognize the disease yourself?

Labial herpes does not pose a threat tohuman life. However, the disease delivers aesthetic discomfort, knocking out of the usual rut for several days. Usually the initial stage of the inflammatory process is asymptomatic. Some people have a fever, pain when swallowing and irritability. After about a day, the main symptoms of the infection begin to appear. The course of the disease is usually divided into several stages:

  1. First, itching appears, the skin in the areas of lesion swells, a feeling of tightness arises. Symptoms of general intoxication of the body are also characteristic of this period.
  2. In the second stage, small bubbles appear on the lips with fluid inside. Their diameter varies from 1 to 3 mm. If herpes is not treated for a long time, the bubbles can spread to the face or neck.
  3. After about three days, the vesicles burst, theirthe content goes outside. It is important to prevent further spread of fluid on the skin, each drop of which contains a whole bunch of herpes viruses. An ulcer is formed at the site of the vesicle. On the lip wounds quickly dry, covered with a brown crust. Fighting symptoms of the disease usually lasts about two weeks. All this time new bubbles may appear.
  4. Recovery occurs after the crusts dry out and disappear. Herpes only affects the dermis, so the scars do not remain after it.

Recurrences of the disease are very common (before10 times a year). If you do not engage in treatment and neglect preventive measures, the likelihood of complications increases. Among them, the most dangerous are immune deficiency and neoplasms of various etiologies.

lip sore


At the initial stage of the disease is advisableuse special antiherpetic drugs. Among them, the most effective are "Acyclovir", "Panavir", "Zovirax". They are available in the form of ointments and creams. It is recommended to apply the remedy several times a day to the affected skin until the symptoms disappear.

With a diagnosis of "cold sores" treatment shouldprescribe a doctor taking into account the overall clinical picture of the patient. It is impossible to completely overcome the disease, so it is important to engage in periodic prevention and strengthening of the immune system. Vitamin complexes and fortifying drugs are prescribed for these purposes.

cold sores treatment

The help of traditional medicine

The life of many people poisons the cold on the lips. Home treatment of herpes simplex can reduce swelling and discomfort. The most accessible method of all known is to apply ice to the lesion. If you start the procedure at the first symptoms, the sores will not be so painful. Wet tea bags help reduce inflammation. They contain a large amount of tannins, which relieve irritation and fight infection. Applying such a bag is recommended every two hours for a few minutes.

Crusts go much faster if the placelubricate lesions with petroleum jelly or any nourishing cream. You can also use olive oil. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect have many herbal infusions. They are especially useful for labial herpes, also known as colds on the lips. Home treatment involves the use of compresses. For example, a decoction of chamomile or calendula contributes to the rapid regeneration of the skin in the affected area.

cold on the lips home treatment

Labial herpes virus and pregnancy

To some extent the child is foreignbody for the female body. To reduce the likelihood of rejection of the fetus, nature suppresses the future mother's immunity. Therefore, in women during pregnancy it is often possible to meet the symptoms of labial herpes. A sore on the lip, fever and itching are frequent companions of the fair sex in anticipation of the baby. Sometimes the disease is transformed into genital herpes.

How dangerous is this virus for the fetus? If a woman was infected before conception, she had developed an immunity, so the child is under his protection. When the expectant mother gets infected with herpes during pregnancy, the virus can spread throughout the body and enter the baby through the placenta. However, this condition is not mandatory. A child can be born completely healthy. In the case of infection in the third trimester, the probability of stillbirth is quite high. That is why before conceiving, all women are recommended to undergo a full examination, and if necessary, a course of treatment.

cold sores symptoms

Preventive measures

How to prevent cold sores? The symptoms of this disease interfere with a person’s usual lifestyle, because the bubbles and sores on the lips create aesthetic discomfort. The main role in the prevention of pathology belongs to the strengthening of the immune system. It is necessary to adhere to an active lifestyle and eat right, do not forget about moderate physical exertion. During an epidemic of ARVI and flu, it is better to avoid crowded places.

Herpes disease can not be completely cured. However, the number of relapses can be minimized if you follow the elementary rules of prevention. Each person has only one life, and the state of health depends only on the care of his own body.

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