Vegetable hypoazotemic drug "Lesceptil": instructions for use

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lespesfil instructions for use
Means of carecharacterizes as a hypoazotemic drug of plant origin, which has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Regular intake of this drug helps to increase the clearance of nitrogen compounds (uric acid, creatinine, urea), reduce the content of nitrogen exchange products in the plasma and increase glomerular filtration. Stimulation of sodium excretion, an increase in diuresis and excretion of nitrogenous slag along with urine are also noted due to the use of the hypoazotemic drug "Lesceptil". Analogues of this remedy are the drugs "Uroprost", "Vitaprost", "Superlimf" and "Renel", which have a similar mechanism of action.

Lespezil analogues
This herbal preparation is produced in the form ofsolution intended for oral administration. As an active substance in the composition of this remedy is an extract, which is obtained from shoots of a two-colored lepidope, which is a natural corrector of metabolic processes of the body and contributes to the removal of various kinds of toxins from the body. The uniqueness of this plant is that it contains vitamin C, tannin elements, saponins, flavonoids (including Eriodictyol, Quercetin, Lespedin, Kapferol, Isoquercitrin), alkaloids and such useful trace elements as selenium, potassium, manganese, zinc , boron and aluminum.

To take hypoazotemic drug "Lespephryl"The instruction for use recommends combining treatment of the chronic form of renal failure of various origins. This tool can be used both in latent intermittent and in compensated stages.

lespefril reviews
Regarding the features of the solution"Lesceptil" (the instruction for use confirms this), then it should be taken two or four times a day, after diluting in a small amount of water. In this case, a single dose can vary from five to fifteen milliliters, depending on the severity of the painful symptoms. The total duration of therapy, as a rule, is three to four weeks. If necessary, a repeated course of taking this hypoazotemic drug may also be prescribed, but not earlier than fourteen to twenty days later.

Take plant remedy "Lesceptil"instructions for use provided by the manufacturer, categorically prohibits if the patient has a brain disease, epilepsy or craniocerebral trauma. In addition, do not start taking this drug during lactation, during treatment of violations of the liver or during pregnancy. Chronic alcoholism is also the reason for the abolition of the hypoazotemic "Lespecryl". Reviews of some people who had previously taken it testify to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. The instruction notes that side effects can develop in those who have an increased sensitivity to the components of the drug.

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