The medicine "Metadoxil". Instructions for use and description

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Medication "Metadoxil" instructions for userefers to the category of funds for the treatment of alcoholism. The drug has hepatoprotecrotic properties, membrane stabilizing effect, due to the ability to restore the ratio between unsaturated and saturated fatty acids.

The medicine is given in tablet form and inform of the injection solution. The drug has a detoxification effect associated with the activation of hepatic enzymes involved in the metabolism of ethanol. Due to this effect, the negative impact of toxins is reduced, their transport is accelerated from the body. The medicine "Metadoxil" (instruction for use indicates this) reduces the somatic and mental manifestations of a hangover, shortens the period of elimination of the withdrawal syndrome.

metadoxil instruction manual
In addition, the agent has a nonspecificantidepressant and anxiolytic effects, reduces the need for alcohol. When ingested, rapid absorption takes place from the digestive tract. Bioavailability of the drug is quite high - from 60 to 80%. With proteins in the plasma, the medicine binds to 50%. Metabolism is carried out in the liver cells. Excreted the drug with urine.


The solution and tablets "Metadoxil" are recommended foracute alcohol intoxication, withdrawal syndrome. The drug is prescribed for alcoholism of a chronic type, as well as in the complex treatment of hepatic pathologies, caused by the influence of ethanol in particular.


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Medication "Metadoxil" instructions for usedoes not allow for use during lactation and pregnancy, with intolerance of substances contained in its composition. Caution in prescribing and therapy is shown with patients with Parkinson's disease in the case of concurrent administration of Levodopa (the effectiveness of the latter is reduced). Sodium metabisulfite is present in the injection solution. This component is capable of provoking an attack (or its increase) of bronchial asthma, allergic manifestations, especially in patients with a predisposition.

Adverse Reactions

When treated with Methadoxyl (instruction onapplication contains this information) allergic manifestations are likely. In patients with bronchial asthma, the appearance of bronchospasm (with the administration of the solution) is possible.

Metadoxyl tablets

Method of dosing

When alcohol (acute) intoxication agent"Metadoxil" (instruction for use indicates this) is prescribed by 300-600 mg intramuscularly or 300-900 mg per vein. The dosage is selected in accordance with the degree of poisoning. In complex treatment, the drug is prescribed in tablet form for 1 pc. twice a day. The drug is drunk before meals for fifteen to thirty minutes. In some cases, the amount of "Methadoxil" can be increased by up to 3 tablets per day. The duration of treatment is at least three months. With abstinence syndrome, 900 mg intravenously administered once every three to seven days.

Means "Metadoxil". Price

Tablets in pharmacies can be purchased at a price of 760 rubles, ampoules - from 510 rubles.

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