First aid for strangulation and drowning

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You never know in which situation you will find yourselfafter a couple of hours. When will you need these or other skills? But as you know, it's better to know than not. This also applies to first aid for drowning and suffocation. Emergency situations happen very often, so with knowledge, one day you can save someone's life.

Choking: classification

Breathing is a natural process, duringwhich the human body is saturated with oxygen. And strangulation is his cessation, which can lead to death. Because the body, due to oxygen starvation, ceases to function properly.

first medical aid for drowning and suffocation

There are several types of strangulation:

  • From the squeezing: hanging, squeezing the chest and abdomen.
  • From the closure of the respiratory tract with foreign objects - the ingress of any loose substances, drowning.
  • In a closed space.

First aid for strangulation

Perform actions to save a person fromThis type of asphyxiation is not difficult. First aid for strangulation is extremely important. In many ways, depending on whether it is performed correctly, human life depends. First aid for strangulation does not require medical education. The main thing is to know the order of actions.

Algorithm of first aid for strangulation:

  • Find out the reason and try to eliminate it.
  • Relieve the chest from clothing and anything that can interfere with breathing freely. That is, try to completely bare the breast to the victim.
  • Make artificial respiration. It should be performed if a person is unconscious and / or can not perform breaths and exhalations on his own.

Sequence of actions for artificial respiration:

  • Wrapping a napkin on your fingers, release the oral cavity from foreign bodies.
  • Get on your knees, get close to the victim's mouth.
  • Push aside the tongue and hold it so that it does not collapse.
  • Lips of the victim covered with a napkin.
  • One hand on the forehead, the other on the chin.
  • Take a deep breath. Hold the breath.
  • Hold your nose with your hand. Through a napkin on the lips to exhale.
  • To step back and remove the hand from the nose, allowing the victim to make an artificial exhalation.
  • Per minute, the number of breaths should be about 15.
  • After restoring breathing, protect the victim with a blanket. Do not leave and constantly watch him before the arrival of doctors.

first aid for drowning and suffocation

Drowning: classification

Most often we hear about this type of asphyxia in the summer, during the bathing season. Many can not adequately calculate their capabilities and, as a result, they ruin their lives.

Drowning is the kind of asphyxiation performedmechanically by ingress of the liquid in the person's airways. Roughly speaking, after penetration of water into the lungs there is no possibility to receive oxygen, as a result of this there is a cardiac arrest and death.

There are two types of drowning:

  • The blue type. Option, when the liquid enters the lungs.
  • Pale type. Option, when the liquid does not enter the lungs.

First aid for drowning

Most often we see a blue type. Therefore, consider first aid for example drowning in a pond. It happens often, somewhere by negligence, sometimes in a state of alcoholic intoxication - there are many reasons.

first aid with strangulation

The first medical aid for drowning and strangulation are similar. The algorithm of the rescuer's actions:

  • Get the victim out of the water. It should be done carefully, making sure that nothing hinders. If you suspect a fracture of the spine, the victim should be reached with a hard surface (board, shield, etc.).
  • Lay the victim on his knee, therebyallowing the remaining liquid to flow out of the nose, mouth. Wrap your fingers with a tissue, clean the mouth of the victim from foreign objects (sand, mucus, vomit, etc.).
  • Call for an ambulance.
  • On the carotid artery try to feel the pulse. It is not recommended to look for it on the wrist, as it is more difficult.
  • Listen to the presence of a heartbeat. Perhaps it will be very weak.
  • In the absence of the two previous indices, proceed with artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.
  • After restoring the pulse and the heartbeat of the victim, put it on its side. Cover with a blanket. Keep under constant supervision before doctors arrive.
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