First aid for burning with boiling water - what do you need to know?

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Whether you know it or not, burns are the most common type of injury. Depending on the reasons that entailed such damage to tissues, burns are divided into these types:

- burns caused by exposure to open flames or hot objects;

- burns caused by exposure to hot liquid or steam;

- burns caused by electricity;

- burns caused by corrosive chemicals.

Before providing assistance, it is necessary to determine andneutralize the cause. Places of burns should be cooled as quickly as possible, with the help of cold water, for example, by placing a part of the body with a burn in a container with it. Do not apply ointments or creams to affected areas. It is also forbidden to open burn blisters that form on the skin. When first aid is given, it is necessary to seek qualified help for the following symptoms:

- in case of a large area burn;

- in case the skin is damaged or charred;

- in the case of the formation of a large number of bubbles:

- in case the victim experiences strong pain.

It should be borne in mind that even small burns can lead to the formation of scars, in order to avoid this, it is necessary to seek qualified medical help.

Of course, the burns that are accompanied byredness and the formation of blisters, if only the upper layer of skin is damaged in a small area, it is safe to treat at home. To similar also solar concern. However, it must be borne in mind that such burns are quite painful, and therefore the provision of first aid should be directed towards reducing pain, in particular, using cooling.

But the most common type is a thermal injury in the form of a hot liquid burn, it is about 75% of all types of burns.

What should be the first aid for a burnwith boiling water? If a hot liquid enters the exposed skin, first aid for thermal burns begins by cooling the affected area under running cold water within 15 minutes. This, first of all, will prevent deeper skin damage, as well as reduce pain. It should be allowed to dry the burn and carefully apply a dry bandage on it or bandage it with a bandage soaked in a solution of soda. Further, first aid for burning with boiling water is to provide the victim with a place to rest, after which you need to call a qualified medic.

If the injured person is injured inThe place where there was clothing on the body, you need to quickly remove it. During this, it is necessary to act very carefully so that bubbles do not open, because if they burst, the infection can get to the surface of the burn. The tissue must be carefully cut with scissors so as not to damage the skin. After the clothes have been removed from the burn areas, it is necessary to cool it under running water, and then, using a bandage, apply a bandage. The first aid for burning with boiling water does not imply the lubrication of the sore spot with oil and grease, because this layer will prevent the removal of heat. Also, first aid for burning with boiling water does not involve opening or puncturing bubbles, not only is it very painful, but it can also contribute to getting the infection into the body.

First aid for children with burns should berendered without delay. First of all, after the clothes have been carefully removed from the child, it is necessary to cool the burn with cold water. If, for some reason, the child does not want to hold a hand or foot under the stream of water, you can moisten the towel and attach it to the affected area, periodically the towel needs to be re-wetted to keep it cool. In case the child does not manage to calm down, you need to call for emergency help, so that an anesthetic injection is given to him.

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