"Pantokaltsin" - reviews about the drug

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Severe brain diseases caused, inincluding, and violations of the functions of its vessels, require a very careful and careful selection of medicines. In this situation, one can not do without consulting a neurologist. As one of the most effective drugs you can consider the medicine "Pantokaltsin", reviews about it consumers and advice of specialists.

Pharmacological properties of the drug "Pantokaltsin"

The active substance of the drug is gopantenic acid. The medication "Pantokaltsin" is referred to nootropic drugs. It is available in the form of tablets and syrup.

The drug is able to increase the resistance of the brain toexposure to toxic substances, has an anticonvulsant effect, helps to reduce motor excitability, resulting in the ordering of behavior. It is included in the course of treatment for epilepsy, schizophrenia, encephalitis, craniocerebral trauma.

The drug "Pantokaltsin" is usedfor the treatment of atherosclerosis, brain damage of an organic nature. It is recommended to give the drug "Pantokaltsin" to a child, if he has problems with concentration and remembering.

The drug has side effects,which are manifested when it is received. Rashes on the skin are possible, and conjunctivitis and rhinitis are rarely observed. Contraindications to the use of the drug are sensitivity to its components, the first trimester of pregnancy and acute renal failure.

Reviews of consumers about the medicine "Pantokaltsin"

Parents, who on the recommendation of a doctor gaveto his children the drug "Pantokaltsin", the reviews leave either extremely negative or laudatory ones. The reaction of each patient to the drug is individual - therefore, there are very different responses to the drug. To some it helped, there was a noticeable positive effect. Someone, not having received the expected result, was forced to change the scheme of treatment. This is due to the specific diagnoses of patients and the characteristics of their body.

Severe brain pathologies requirestrict dosage of the drug. It is recommended to take the medicine after a meal, in fifteen to thirty minutes. For adults, the dose of the drug is from one and a half to three grams throughout the day. Children are given from 0.75 to 3 grams per day. The drug can not be taken without the appointment of a doctor: the description attached to the "Pantokaltsin" means that there are certain contraindications to its use and possible side effects.

The drug "Pantokaltsin" can be administered to children withof birth. Parents report its effectiveness in the treatment of perinatal encephalopathy, developmental retardation in children, cerebrosthenic syndrome. While controversial, the results of studies of its influence on the treatment of epilepsy and cerebral palsy have been received. Only in half the cases the drug helped.

Children are prescribed a medicine"Pantokaltsin" to stimulate their psychomotor development. Parents sometimes doubt the drug, as they could learn about it is not the best response and are afraid that the drug will be dangerous for the child.

As a preventive tool, doctors do notadvise to take the drug "Pantokaltsin" - only if there is a diagnosis that presupposes its appointment. In young children, after taking medication, allergic reactions and increased excitability may occur.

Parents, whose children helped the drug"Pantokaltsin", reviews leave grateful. Cramps of extremities pass, the behavior is leveled, hysterical reactions disappear. Parents are satisfied with the result, but some are concerned about the need to take the medicine within one to two months. However, according to the instructions, the drug begins to act as it accumulates in the body. Therefore, these regulations must be observed.

Thanks to the fact that the mothers of the kids share their experiencesapplication of the drug, the drug "Pantokaltsin" reviews collects not only critical, but also positive. It is a good tool for removing increased excitability in children. After the course of treatment with the drug, the child's behavior changes dramatically. However, before starting therapy, you should consult your doctor.

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