Medication "Papaverin" (tablets). Instructions for use

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Drug "Papaverin" belongs to the categoryvasodilating and myotropic antispasmodics. The bioavailability of the drug - about 54%. The drug has the ability to quickly bind to plasma proteins. In the body it is distributed evenly.

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In a higher dosage, the drug penetrates through the histohematological barrier, affects the nervous system of the patient. The decay process takes place in the liver cells. The drug is excreted by the kidneys.

The drug contains papaverine andbenazole. The latter has a direct effect on the smooth muscles of blood vessels and organs in the abdominal cavity. In addition, bendazole has the ability to stimulate the activity of the spinal cord. With prolonged use, an immunomodulating effect is manifested, in particular, production of interferon and activation of phagocyte activity is enhanced. Papaverin decreases the concentration of calcium in muscle cells. Due to this, the resistance inside the vessels decreases. As a result, blood pressure decreases. About 50 rubles - this is for the drug "Papaverin" price. Tablets are given to patients from the age of twelve.


The drug is recommended for spasms of smooth muscles,accompanied by pain syndrome. The medicament "Papaverine" is prescribed (tablets, instructions for use contain such information) at elevated blood pressure. Patients with angina pectoris are recommended in combination with other medicines. The drug is also prescribed for premedication in anesthesiology. The agent "Papaverin" (tablets) is shown during pregnancy. In prenatal period, the medication is prescribed for patients with an increased uterine tone. Therapy is carried out under the close supervision of a physician.

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Dosing regimen

The drug "Papaverin" (tablets) instruction for use recommends taking 40-60 mg. The frequency of reception per day is 2-3 times.


No medication is prescribed for neurologicaldisorders, TBI, convulsive syndrome. Contraindications include hypotonic bleeding and predisposition to them, low blood pressure, bronchoobstructive syndrome. The drug "Papaverin" (pills) is not recommended for liver or renal failure in acute or chronic course, hypertrophic processes in the prostate. Contraindicated drug with intolerance.

papaverine tablets instructions for use

Side effects

A tool can trigger a function violationcardiovascular system, increased sweating, dizziness. Complications also include a sharp decrease in pressure, arrhythmia, pain in the abdominal region of the aching nature, constipation, nausea.

additional information

When treating elderly patients, the remedy"Papaverine" (tablets) instruction for use recommends the appointment in a reduced dosage (10 mg). In practice, there have been cases of mutual strengthening or weakening of the therapeutic effect in the combined use of drugs with antispasmodics, tranquilizers, antidepressants. In this regard, if necessary, a combination of funds may require adjustment of dosages.

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