Symptoms, causes and treatment of influenza in the home

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Treatment for influenza at home is quiteperhaps, unless the disease is very serious, and hospitalization is not required. The article gives very valuable advice that will help to overcome the infection quickly and prevent its development.

treatment of influenza in the home
In general, we try to get rid of the flu inat home without contacting a doctor. However, this is not a very correct tactic, since it will be necessary to apply to a doctor so that he or she can make an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, you can get a large number of complications from which the internal organs will suffer.

Treatment of influenza in the home depends onsymptoms of the disease. Signs of this virus are most often high fever, weakness, cough and headache. These symptoms can be accompanied by pain in the muscles and even cramps. It must be remembered that at a high temperature the virus dies, but if it is more than 38.5 degrees, then it must be knocked down.

From flu and cold help as conservative,and folk methods of treatment. The main thing is not to start a disease. If the treatment does not help, then it makes sense once again to turn to the doctor and go to the hospital. At home, you need to provide bed rest and aeration of the room to begin with. And in the room should do a wet cleaning several times a day. The dishes should be well disinfected, and should not be used by healthy family members.

treatment for influenza
Treatment of influenza in the home is alsoprovides for the organization of an optimal drinking regime, since one should not allow dehydration of the body. Naturally, it is necessary to choose a diet that will not additionally burden the body.

Treatment of influenza in the home is donealso with the help of medicinal preparations that kill the virus, they withdraw phlegm from the bronchial tubes and lungs, knock down the temperature. The most popular antiviral drugs are the medicines "Ineterferon" and "Oksolinovaya ointment." Naturally, you can take drugs that have a complex effect, but their reception must be agreed with the doctor.

A great tool is aromatherapy. For example, eucalyptus and mint oil have useful properties. Good effect has a warm shower, which helps to moisten the mucous membranes. If there are headaches or shortness of breath, then you can apply a warm compress. However, do not heat it too much to damage the skin.

from flu and colds
Treatment of influenza in the homeprovides for the use of inhalations with the use of salt and herbal decoctions. If there is a runny nose, then a nose flushing procedure should be performed. Cough is a protective mechanism by which the body "throws out" harmful microorganisms. However, if it causes a lot of trouble and does not stop for a long time, then it must be treated. In order for the cough not to torment at night, the air in the room must be moistened. To this end, it is sufficient to arrange a few saucers with water in the room. To eliminate pain in the throat, you can use ginger, horseradish and garlic.

These simple tips will help to quickly eliminate the disease. Be healthy!

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