The tool "Stopangin". Instructions for use

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The medicine "Stopangin" (solution) is intended fortopical application. The drug is a clear light red liquid with a specific odor. The composition of the drug "Stopangin" includes hexetidine and a mixture of medicinal oils: anise, eucalyptus, orange flower oil and peppermint. The medicine also includes mitysalicylate, menthol.

It is established that the effectiveness of the drug lasts about ten to twelve hours.

The agent "Stopangin" (solution). Instructions

stopangin instructions for use
The drug is prescribed for inflammatorydiseases that have arisen in the oral cavity and larynx. To such diseases, in particular, include pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, glossitis, aphthae, stomatitis, gingivitis. The drug is recommended for parodopathy, parodontosis, infection of the alveoli, as well as for fungal lesions in the oral cavity and larynx. In addition, the drug "Stopangin" instruction for use recommends use for prevention as a hygienic. The medication is prescribed before and after surgery, with trauma, and as an aid in the complex treatment of angina.

To contraindications to the agent "Stopangin"the instruction for use includes dry pharyngitis atrophic type, hypersensitivity, pregnancy in the first trimester. The drug is not recommended for children under eight.

Spray "Stopangin" instructions for userecommends injecting into the mouth. Breathing should be delayed. Reception is carried out taking into account the area of ​​damage twice or thrice a day, one or two injections. It is recommended to apply the drug between or after a meal.

stopangin solution
The solution is recommended for rinsing orwashing of the mouth. The procedure is no less than thirty seconds. The solution should not be diluted. For a rinse, a tablespoon of the drug is used. The agent "Stopangin" instruction for use recommends using from two to five times a day. Rinsing, like injection, is preferably performed between meals or after them. Children are recommended to lubricate the mucous membrane. To do this, a cotton swab (on a stick) is moistened in the preparation.

stopangin solution instruction

Use of the Stopangin medication is recommended at intervals of at least four hours. Duration of use is six or seven days.

In the event that after three days from the beginning of use the effect is not noticeable, it is necessary to consult a specialist. The doctor will decide in this case the expediency of further application.

In aerosol "Stopangin" (instructions for useindicates this) contains 64% ethanol. In this regard, drivers are advised after the application to abstain from the management of transport for thirty minutes after using the medication.

When using the drug, one should not forget aboutpossible side effects. In some cases, patients may feel a burning sensation of the oral mucosa. However, this phenomenon, as a rule, is temporary. In some cases, allergy is possible. If you swallow the medicine accidentally, nausea may occur.

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