Cafe Creme (cigarillos) - the No. 1 brand in the world

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Real connoisseurs of good tobacco, of course,familiar brand Cafe Creme. Cigarillos with this name for several decades are considered the best in the world among tobacco products of this kind.

Detailed Product Description

To have the most complete picture ofany product, you need to know about it as much as possible. Cafe Creme - cigarillos, which first became known to the mass buyer in the sixties of last century. By that time, people were just beginning to get used to the new kind of product produced by tobacco companies. In fact, such products were something average between the famous cigars and ordinary cigarettes.

cafe creme cigarillos

The fundamental difference is noticeable already by technologytheir manufacture. Cafe Creme (cigarillos) are similar to cigars in the fact that the design is a tube, rolled from natural tobacco leaves. However, inside they have shredded tobacco. This kind of similar makes such products with cigarettes. True, the size of the particles of the shredded product is much larger, which positively affects the taste of the product. In addition, in cigarillos, tobacco is not impregnated with special harmful chemical compounds that improve the process of its combustion. This circumstance puts the new product an order of magnitude higher than any cigarettes.

The secret of the manufacturer

Produces Cafe Creme (cigarillos) famousthe Dutch firm Henri Wintermans. She began to produce cigars back in 1904. Over the past time, the company has made significant progress in this. Thanks to the efforts of leading experts, its products throughout the world are considered to be a sample of the highest quality. Experienced masters of blending could create an original bouquet for each product, which has a unique taste and excellent aroma. In the production process, a unique technology of the so-called double aging is used. Its essence lies in the fact that first selective tobacco leaves are aged for two years under certain conditions. Then the raw material goes to production, after which the finished products are once again subjected to additional aging for 2 years. All this time she is in special rooms on shelves made of cedar wood. As a result, the products acquire the desired strength without excessive sharpness, while retaining the original delicate taste.

Product Reviews

How do customers evaluate Cafe Creme (cigarillos)? Reviews about this product are mixed.

Those who are accustomed to cigarettes, note that the tastesuch products more pleasant. Perhaps this is due to the lack of paper, from which the sleeve is usually made. After its combustion, smoke, as a rule, contains unpleasant notes of burnt cellulose. This muffles the true flavor of tobacco and reduces the quality of the finished product. In addition, the coarse tobacco allows to preserve the original tobacco taste to the maximum. Of course, it is not as pronounced as it is in cigars. Nevertheless, there is a clear superiority in comparison with the usual mass-produced goods, which are sold in specialized outlets.

cafe creme cigarillos reviews

And true connoisseurs of cigars believe that thisthe product is just a miserable likeness of a favorite product. They consider the price of them to be substantially overestimated and completely unjustified. Customers also pay attention to the appearance and packaging of products. Cigarillos are usually sold in cardboard or tin boxes of a special shape, which, of course, allocates them from the total mass.

Rich assortment

In the trading network is currently quite widespreadpresented Cafe Creme (cigarillos). The types of this product are mainly due to the peculiarities of the blend and the presence of certain aromatic fillers.

cafe creme cigarillos types

Among the most popular representatives of this brand are:

  1. Café Cream classic. In them, the covering part is made of tobacco, brought from the island of Java, and the filling is supplemented with South American and Caribbean varieties.
  2. Arome. Aromatic tobacco from Africa, East Asia and America is encased in Ecuadorian leaves.
  3. Blue. To create a blend, raw materials grown on shady plantations are used. This makes the tobacco more tender and soft to the taste.
  4. Coffee. The coffee filler is used.
  5. Vanilla Honeyswirl. Vanilla-honey aroma creates a pleasant creamy aftertaste.
  6. Espresso Rumtwist. The aroma of rum and coffee perfectly complement the classical tobacco flavor.
  7. Caramel Cream. The subtle aroma of caramel makes the taste of these cigarilles softer.

Each of these species is good in its own way and has its own army of supporters.

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