Fainting: first aid for unconsciousness

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Many people have ever happenedin a state of short-term loss of consciousness. This condition is called syncope. The main cause of its onset is a rapid narrowing of the lumen in the blood vessels, which leads to a violation of the blood circulation of the brain.

faint first aid

Fainting, first aid for whichto be immediately, is a short-term condition that must be distinguished from other urgent conditions of the human body. To do this, you need to know the signs, the main ones being a sharp weakness, running "flies" before your eyes, ringing in your ears, the appearance of cold sweat, nausea, urezhennoe, shallow breathing, numbness in the hands and feet. At the same time, the skin becomes sharply pale, the pulse becomes weak, and therefore it is poorly palpable.

In most cases, fainting, first aid withwhich has its own peculiarities, arises in weakened people who in the recent past have suffered an infectious or other disease. In some cases, the condition may be only a symptom of a complex acute disruption of the heart.

In such a state as fainting, the necessaryhelp must be provided immediately. If a person is conscious and says: "I will fall into a swoon!", It is necessary to plant him, tilting his head forward to increase the flow of blood to the brain. As a result of these actions, more oxygen will flow into the brain along with blood.

I will faint
If the patient is unconscious,it is necessary to lay it on the back so that the legs are elevated and are at a level above the head. Next, loosen the strap and collar, and the face is sprayed with water. If the room is stuffy, be sure to open the window.

In order to bring a person to consciousness andwithdraw from a condition such as fainting, first aid can be provided as follows. It is enough to bring a piece of cotton wool soaked in ammonia to the nose. In the event that, after the activities carried out, a person does not wake up, urgently call for an ambulance.

Often syncope is the result of a strong fright, excitement, pain syndrome. In some people, fear appears at the sight of blood, which leads to loss of consciousness.

fainting assistance
From the above, it follows that the provision of assistanceat a faint can carry out any person, even without medobrazovanija. A long absence of consciousness can lead to irreversible processes in the brain.

To prevent fainting in hot weather, the following rules must be observed:

• Wear light, breathable clothing, mostly made from natural fabrics. Do not forget to wear hats, being in the sun for a long time.

• Try to ventilate the room as often as possible. This activity helps to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in an enclosed space.

Compliance with these rules will excludethe appearance of a condition such as a syncope, the first aid in which is described above. If it arises with a certain periodicity, it is an occasion to ask a doctor, since in this case syncope is only a symptom of one of the complex diseases.

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