The drug "Litovit-M" - fast and effective help

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The drug "Litovit-M" is available in the form of a powderor in the form of granules. This medicine for poisoning removes xenobiotics and toxins, reduces alcohol intoxication, has an immunomodulatory effect, accelerates the healing of wounds, improves the condition in allergic and autoimmune conditions.

Medication "Litovit-M" is effective for variousfractures of bones, helps to restore biochemical processes in lymph nodes, normalizes mineral metabolism, helps restore the necessary concentration of missing trace elements. This drug is an excellent absorbent with a high capacity. The drug is used in the presence of diseases of the respiratory system, with poisoning and allergies. Rinse mouth with the use of "Litovit-M" helps with periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, caries in the spot and other diseases.

The drug is prescribed:

- with a disease of hives, dermatitis, eczema, bronchial asthma;

- for the treatment of psoriasis;

- as an immunomodulator, as it improves immunity;

- in the presence of diseases of the oral cavity;

- to remove the effects of poisoning both food and industrial, and alcoholic;

- in the treatment of tuberculosis, pneumonia;

- for recovery after receiving fractures.

The drug "Litovit-M": instructions for use

The recommended dose of this medicine is2-2.5 grams per day. It is taken twice before a meal and it must be washed down with a minimum of 100 milliliters of liquid. It is better to start with small doses and gradually bring the dose of "Litovit-M" to the recommended values. The duration of such treatment is one month. Acts most effectively when washed down with a drink of "Cowberry".

Contraindications to use - the presence of peptic ulcer diseases of the stomach and duodenum, which are in the stage of exacerbation.

The drug "Litovit-M" has properties that are inherent in minerals with a sorption and selective ion-exchange effect.

In addition, that the use of this agentallows to normalize the mineral metabolism, it also activates the immune system, reduces the activity of the course of diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, allows to reduce the patient's time in hospital. The medicine is also used as a prophylactic for the risk of getting ARI, influenza, etc.

The drug "Litovit-M" is a dietary supplement that helpsremove toxins from the body. This means delivers the necessary biologically active raw materials to the organ directly in need thereof. It restores biochemical processes, as well as conducts prevention and elimination of abnormalities arising in metabolic processes, namely in the heart, liver, blood, lymph and intestines with food or alcohol poisoning. If the patient has alcohol poisoning, the risk of sudden death from cardiac arrest when used in the treatment of this remedy is reduced by 40%.

The drug "Litovit-M" can be taken every dayfor autoimmune disorders and for the prevention of acute respiratory infections, in the presence of chronic tonsillitis, maxillary sinusitis, psoriasis. It is also recommended for use both in preparation for surgery and in the postoperative period for rehabilitation.

The drug has no allergenic, teratogenic,embryotoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. When using this tool, body weight, age, sex and other indicators for the quality and speed of obtaining a positive result does not affect.

Litovit-M: reviews about the drug

Patients who used this dietary supplement,note its high effectiveness in the presence of poisoning. It is also indicated that the "Litovit-M" agent helped to get rid of furunculosis. Many patients took the drug during pregnancy and after childbirth. They indicate that it helps to fight constipation, which often occurs during this period.

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