Psoriasis of the scalp: causes, symptoms, treatment

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Psoriasis, also called scaly lichen,is a skin inflammatory disease that occurs chronically. The most common form of pathology is psoriasis of the scalp, manifested by the appearance in this area of ​​itchy scaly red spots. It should be said that the disease is not contagious, it is caused by a violation in the body of metabolic processes. When the upper layer of the epithelium grows too fast and divides, pinkish-white nodules covered with scales appear on the scalp. They can merge and form different-sized spots. At the same time, the appearance of seals and crusts on the head does not affect hair growth in any way.

psoriasis of the scalp
Psoriasis of the scalp: possible causes

The exact causes of the disease are not known, itis considered to be genetically conditioned and provoked both by environmental factors and by disturbances within the body. To defeat psoriasis can representatives of any age, but is found mainly in people under thirty. Normally, the epithelial cells divide and update in 25 days, with psoriasis, it happens much faster - in just 5 days. As a result, old cells do not have time to slough, which leads to the formation of scales, their stratification, the appearance of tubercles and inflammatory areas. The disease does not cause harm to health in general, but the constant peeling and itching of the scalp give the person great discomfort. In addition, this leads to problems of appearance, because appearing on the head crusts and seals are visible to others. Provoke psoriasis of the scalp can cause scalp injuries, infections, constant exposure to cold on the scalp. Also one of the reasons for the development of pathology is malnutrition.

psoriasis of the scalp symptoms
Psoriasis of the scalp: symptoms

At the initial stage of the pathology, a person may notnotice symptoms. Over time, the skin is more and more shelled, there is a slight irritation, there is itching. Then the skin becomes inflamed, the itching becomes more and more intense, and the skin can crack, which leads to abrasions and wounds. Gradually, red plaques of large sizes form in the lesions, the skin coarsens and bleeds at the slightest damage. Above the plaques are covered with large gray flakes, reminiscent of flakes. All this leads to an even greater spread of the disease.

psoriasis of the scalp diet
Psoriasis of the scalp: methods of treatment

Treatment is prescribed by a dermatologist on the basis ofidentified causes of the disease and its stage. Do not try to get rid of the ailment with all kinds of cosmetic means and methods of traditional medicine, as this is fraught with aggravating the situation. It is necessary to carry out therapy with corticosteroids, which allow quickly to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. To wash a head follows special medical shampoos, besides it, rubbing in a skin of a head of creams and ointments with the maintenance of salicylic acid, zinc, naphthalene, tar and other medicinal substances is appointed. For combing hair, use massage brushes with natural bristles or wooden combs.

Psoriasis of the scalp: diet

Proper nutrition in the treatment of psoriasisit is important, because the main thing that needs to be done for recovery is to strengthen the general condition of the body. Disorders in the functioning of the intestine are manifested on the skin, so compliance with the diet will ease the course of the disease and avoid its recurrence. The diet should be correct, which implies the rejection of fried, sweet, fatty foods, limiting the use of canned and containing dyes and flavors of products.

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