Medication "Mastophyte": instructions for use

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The medicine "Mastophyte" is a herbal preparation intended for the treatment of breast diseases.

Therapeutic effect of the drug "Mastophyte"

mastophyte instructions

The instruction informs that the tool has been developedwith the goal of normalizing the functions of the mammary glands and preventing possible mastopathic changes. The composition of the drug includes inulin, horsetail, yarrow, shepherd's bag, steel, ordinary, echinacea, calendula. Due to the plant components, the preparation has bactericidal properties, has a fungicidal, antirheumatic, antiallergic effect. The ordinary smell gives the medicine antiseptic, laxatives, vasodilators, antihelminthic, detoxicating, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The sternum is involved in the purification of lymph, blood vessels and blood. Polysaccharide inulin, excreted from the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, improves metabolic processes, allows the removal of heavy metals, radionuclides, activates the hematopoiesis system. Shepherd's bag will help cleanse the blood, will have astringent, vasodilating, anti-inflammatory action. The yarrow herb has tonic, wound healing, bactericidal, hemostatic properties. Field horsetail is a good antiseptic, which effectively heals wounds and stops blood. Due to the complex effects of herbs, the tension in the mammary glands is reduced, and the formation of malignant tumors is prevented. In addition, the agent effectively treats various manifestations of mastopathy. The medicine is in the form of capsules and cream.

mastophyte tablets instructions

Indications for use of the drug "Mastofit" (tablets)

The instruction indicates that the main purposeThe drug is a therapy of usual, nodular and cystic mastopathy. In addition, the agent is used to correct manifestations of premenstrual syndrome.

Medication "Mastophyte": instructions for use

Tablets are prescribed in an amount of 3-6 capsules,take which is required after meals. 2-4 pills are used to perform maintenance therapy. The effect of using the medication becomes noticeable after two weeks of admission. To achieve a stable result, the drug should be consumed within a year (or at least for at least six months).

mastophyte tablets price

Side effects of "Mastofit"

The instruction explains that the medicine does not causeserious adverse reactions and addiction to the drug. In rare cases, with individual intolerance, an allergy may be observed. Data on overdose are absent.

Contraindications to the drug "Mastophyte"

The instruction indicates that, despite the natural basis, the drug is not allowed to be used for hypersensitivity. Do not make appointments during pregnancy and lactation.

Medicinal product "Mastofit" (tablets): price

The cost of the medication may vary slightly for different vendors, but an average of 178 rubles per package (100 units).

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