Pharmaceutical preparation "Papaverin" (candles). Instructions for use

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Pharmaceutical preparation "Papaverin" (suppositories) instructions for use are included in the clinical and pharmacological group of myotropic antispasmodics.

This drug has an antihypertensive andantispasmodic effect. It contributes to a significant decrease in tone and relaxation of smooth muscles in the digestive tract, respiratory and genitourinary systems, reduces the content of calcium ions.

At receipt of the raised quantityThe drug under consideration is a relaxation of the myocardium and a decrease in the rate of blood flow. The medication does not have a significant effect on the central nervous system.

The drug "Papaverin" (candles),instructions for use notes, characterized by rapid absorption. In blood plasma, it binds to proteins. It is established that this drug easily overcomes the histohematological barrier. He is biotransformed in the liver. The half-life can range from thirty minutes to two hours.

Each suppository contains 0.02 grams of papaverine hydrochloride.

The drug "Papaverin". Application

This medicine is used forelimination of spasms of smooth muscles in the organs of the abdominal cavity - cholecystitis, pilorospasm, spastic colitis, renal colic, as well as with angina pectoris, spasms of the brain. In addition, the drug is used as an auxiliary for premedication.

Medication "Papaverin" (candles), instruction onuse informs, contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity of the patient to the components of the drug, AV blockade, glaucoma, severe renal failure, in the elderly and childhood.

With extreme caution this productis prescribed at conditions after the receipt of a craniocerebral injury, as well as with renal failure in chronic form, hypothyroidism, prostatic hyperplasia, supraventricular tachycardia.

The drug "Papaverin" (candles), the instruction manual especially notes, can cause some undesirable effects, among which are the following:

  • some disorders of the cardiovascular system, such as AV blockade, lower blood pressure, ventricular extrasystole;
  • disruptions in the functioning of the digestive tract - loose stools, constipation, activation of hepatic transaminases;
  • In addition, it is possible to develop drowsiness, allergic reactions, eosinophilia.

In combination with barbiturates intensifiedantispasmodic effect of the drug under consideration. Its antihypertensive effect is increased when combined with antidepressants (tricyclics), reserpine, quinidine and procainamide.

Symptoms of overdose are: double vision and other visual impairments, drowsiness, weakness, lowering of blood pressure. The necessary treatment is immediate gastric lavage and maintenance of blood pressure.

Adult patients are shown one to twosuppository (twenty to forty milligrams) a maximum of three times a day. This form of the drug is the most optimal in situations when the use of oral means is difficult (with diarrhea or vomiting). In addition, it is the suppositories that are shown to persons suffering from impaired functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Drug "Papaverin" with tonusthe uterus in a woman in the position allows to improve the blood supply to the musculature of this organ, and this has a positive effect on the fetal condition, reduces the risk of miscarriage.

It is established that the effectiveness of the medication is reduced when the patient smokes. For the period of treatment should completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages.

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