What is witnessed by a numb thumb on his leg


Many people complain of numbness big toe, because such a phenomenon causes inconvenience and, in addition, makes you worry. So what is the problem with this problem and what should be done in such cases?

numb toe

Why did the finger fall numb?

Quite often numbness and loss of sensitivityin the fingers arises from the clamping of the blood vessel or nerve end, which often happens with prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position or wearing shoes with a narrow toe. But, unfortunately, the numb thumb on the leg can be a symptom of a lot of diseases:

  • This condition is often observed with severe frostbite.
  • In addition, loss of sensation or tingling in the toes occurs with diabetes.
  • As already mentioned, numb the thumb on the leg may be the result of a violation of normal blood flow, which happens, for example, in atherosclerosis.
  • Do not ignore and motor diseaseapparatus. After all, osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia (especially in the lumbar or sacral parts of the spine) often lead to compression of the nerve roots, which in turn can cause pain or loss of sensitivity.
    why did my finger go numb
  • To the reasons also it is possible to carry a varicose phlebectasia.
  • Virtually any disease of nerves or vesselslower body can affect the condition and functionality of the foot. For example, a numb thumb on the leg is a common problem for people with sciatica (pinch of the sciatic nerve).
  • In addition, the same result is given bysome violations of normal metabolism. Numbness is a frequent companion of anemia, avitaminosis, etc. A similar symptom is rare, but still occurs among patients with gout.
  • Of course, do not forget about the diseases of the joints, as they can also affect the level of skin sensitivity.

What you should pay attention to

numb finger and does not pass

Certainly, such states canaccompanied by other symptoms. For example, numbness can be associated with a burning sensation or tingling sensation. It is worth paying attention to the condition of the whole organism: whether there is weakness, dyspnea, dizziness, fever, etc. It is important to note whether a loss of sensitivity occurs immediately in all fingers or at both stops - this is extremely important for the diagnosis process. In any case, if your finger is numb and does not go away, you should seek help from a doctor. After all, the sooner the cause of such a disorder is found, the more chances for a quick and effective treatment without complications.

Dumb thumb on foot: revealing the cause

In fact, therapy depends on the causethe occurrence of this symptom, since it is necessary to treat a primary disease. To this end, the patient is assigned some tests and tests, including X-ray. Obligatory and examination of the neurologist, given that quite often the cause is precisely a violation of the normal operation of the peripheral nervous system. Only after collecting anamnesis and getting acquainted with the results of the examination, a specialist will be able to determine the disease and prescribe an effective treatment.