Tablets "Limonar": instructions for use

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limonar instructions for use
"Limonar" means instructions for usedefines as a combined drug designed to reduce the toxic effect of alcohol and increase appetite. In addition, taking this medicine significantly improves the adaptive and so-called compensatory-protective capabilities of women bearing a child. Also, the combined preparation "Limonar" (instructions for use confirms this), due to its antioxidant and antihypoxic properties, at times increases the tolerance of oxygen starvation, enhances a variety of oxidative processes, regulates tissue metabolism and stimulates the production of gastric juice. In this case, the drug starts to work just ten to twenty minutes after use. In addition, experts note that in the human body, as a rule, there is no accumulation of the drug "Limonar". Instruction for use (the price, by the way, for this product is about 65 rubles) is also evidenced by this and explains it by the property of active components to decompose into water and carbon dioxide.

Limonar instructions for use price

Description of the medicinal composition

This combined preparation is produced inform of soluble biconvex tablets. In a single dragee, the main ingredients are two hundred milligrams of succinic acid and fifty milligrams of citric acid monohydrate. Magnesium stearate acts as an auxiliary element.

Scope of the tool

Take dragee "Limonar" instructions foradvises first of all people suffering from a chronic form of alcoholism. In addition, this combination is shown to be used as an effective prevention of intoxication. Tablets "Limonar" doctors are also advised to take with a decrease in appetite or a pronounced decrease in physical performance. In addition, this medicine is good for nervous and mental weakness. Finally, these pills are often prescribed to prevent an increase in the so-called nonspecific reactivity of the pregnant woman's body. In addition, this drug is used as a preventive measure of hypotrophy and oxygen starvation of the fetus.

List of main contraindications

pills limonar
Assign tablets "Limonar" instruction forapplication does not advise people suffering from hypertension, glaucoma or severe form of gestosis. In the case of coronary heart disease, individual intolerance to succinic or citric acid, it should also be discarded from taking this combination drug. In addition, it is not recommended to take in case of an established peptic ulcer of the digestive system.

List of adverse reactions

The "Limonar" remedy is transferred, as a rule,well most of the people. In extremely rare cases, the patient may have short-term pain in the epigastric region, which do not require the drug to be withdrawn, and which pass independently after a while.

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