Seizures on the lips, causes and treatment of folk remedies

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The disease is caused by streptococcus bacteria andyeast-like fungus candida. These microorganisms are classified as conditionally pathogenic flora. They are constantly present in the human body, but are activated only under certain conditions.

Lips on the lips, causes

  • Hypothermia, cold or mechanicalirritation, including a denture chosen incorrectly. Mechanical irritation can be caused by missing teeth. At the same time the bite is broken, the pressure on the corners of the mouth increases.
  • Women against the background of heavy menses occur zadyd. The reasons lie in the abrupt loss of hemoglobin. Bleeding is a sign of iron deficiency anemia.
  • The diagnosis of angulitis often accompanies beriberi. More often, the deficiency of riboflavin - vitamin B2 manifests itself. The disease is complicated by peeling of the skin, the spread of the affected area on the wings of the nose, all over the face. At the same time, the patient loses his appetite, gets tired quickly.
  • Biting lips provoke abnormalities in the endocrine glands. For example, in diabetes, experts explain the appearance of cracks in the corners of the mouth as a secondary infection with a fungal infection.
  • Caries tooth, sore gums by default are the source and storage of the disease causing flora.
  • Chronic diseases of the digestive system during periods of exacerbations provoke the appearance of a flare.
  • If seizures on the lips are disturbed during the course of treatment with antibiotics, you should inform your doctor. Antibiotics can be a factor exacerbating the disease.
  • The risk group includes smokers, alcohol abusers and lovers of sweets.
  • Licking their lips, stuffing various objects into their mouths, children create a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic fungi and bacteria.
  • Recently, lip stasis on lips began to appear after using some toothpastes containing skin irritating substances.

How to get rid of sticky lips

  1. Make lotions on the basis of herbs. The recommended pharmaceutical collection consists of chamomile, sage, calendula and celandine. The easiest way to get rid of cracked mouths is to use green tea bags for lotions. It is convenient to keep a warm squeezed bag of green tea just between sore lips.
  2. Herbal tinctures. You can buy at the pharmacy, you can cook yourself, especially if the jam on the lips is being tortured systematically. Bark of oak or alder cones will do.
  3. Oils. Olive oil, rose hip, avocado and tea tree oil is a remedy for jams.
  4. Propolis. It is recommended to use alcoholic propolis tincture. Propolis has a strong anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. According to a separate recipe, propolis tincture should be combined with butter in a ratio of 100 g of oil and 10 g of propolis. The mixture melts on the water bath. Then the lotion is applied to the cracks several times a day. The more often, the better.
  5. Gruel made from fresh grated apple and butter. Mix grated apple with butter in a ratio of 1 to 1. Apply a slurry evenly on the lips.
  6. Cottage cheese. For efficiency, a curd mask for cracked lips is recommended to be mixed with carrot juice.
  7. Aloe juice or Kalanchoe.
  8. Accurately follow the recommendations of the attending physician. Analyzes may indicate fungal or microbial fungal origin. It depends on what type of ointment the doctor prescribes. In complicated cases, a course of antibiotic treatment is prescribed. It is important to take the vitamin complex indicated in the recipe.

The prevention of the occurrence of swelling arecosmetic procedures based on honey or rose oil, flax seeds. And also in the course are any acceptable means of a series of pharmaceutical cosmetics. The basis of treatment and prevention of gums on the lips is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is important to give up alcohol and smoking.

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