Herniasis of the esophagus: symptoms and treatment of a serious disease

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Fortunately, few people know what a hernia isesophagus (symptoms and treatment of the disease will be described below). However, those who once had such a deviation remember it with a shudder. In order to prevent the appearance of this disease, you should know about how the hernia of the esophagus is formed. Symptoms and treatment of this pathology also need to be studied, as well as a number of other subtleties. It's about them that we'll talk just below.

How the hiatal hernia is formed

hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment

In the human body is an important organ,which is called the "diaphragm". It consists of a septum (muscular) that divides the abdominal region and the thorax. Also, the diaphragm has a hole where the esophagus passes. Sometimes through it the organs located in the abdominal region are shifted to the thoracic cavity, thereby forming a hernia.

Hernia of the esophagus: symptoms and treatment

Depending on the degree of the disease, the hernia of the esophagus may have different symptoms. Which of them are the most intensive and tangible, we will consider below.

Painful sensations

If such a pathology arises, the patient maycomplain of pain in the stomach and a little higher, which are quite similar to the symptoms of reflux esophagitis. That is why, in order to make the correct diagnosis, doctors often prescribe radiography or ultrasound. It should be noted that pain in hernia can appear after strong physical exertion, eating, lying down, as well as tilting back, forward, right or left.

an operation to remove a hernia of the esophagus

Belching and heartburn

Presented signs, regularly disturbingpatient, may also indicate that a person has a hernia of the esophagus. Symptoms and treatment of the disease in this case are also quite similar to the common abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, such signs often appear after heavy physical work or consumption of a large amount of food, alcohol.

Bleeding and dysphagia (swallowing disorder)

The appearance of these symptoms should immediately alert the patient, who should as soon as possible consult a doctor.

What is dangerous hernia of the esophagus?

Most often people do not pay such a deviationattention, since it does not cause any special discomfort. But if the signs did show up, then it's better to have a check-up. After untimely cured hernia can lead to very serious consequences. Such complications include septic ulcer and perforation of the esophagus, infringement of the food hole, bleeding, and so on.

How to treat?

than the hernia of the esophagus is dangerous

If the patient in a timely manner drew attention to thisdeviation and consulted with a doctor, the therapy can only include the exclusion of all harmful factors that may lead to the further development of the presented disease, as well as strict adherence to a balanced diet, gymnastics and medication.

Surgery to remove the hernia of the esophagus is prescribedThe patient only in the event that this deviation took a neglected or complicated form. Moreover, a person who has completed a full course of treatment is not considered fully healthy. He still must follow a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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