How to treat poisoning in adults and children

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We used to think about the quality of food alreadyafter we use it. While waiting for the disorder, we convince ourselves more never and for no reason to buy products spontaneously, without looking at the shelf life and storage conditions. And then do not ask yourself how to treat the poisoning, although the means and methods are known to us for a long time.

Of course, poisoning is not only food - many different kinds exist. Many of them are successfully blocked, but some of the poisonings lead to death.

Let us dwell on food poisoning. To learn how to treat poisoning, you must first understand its nature.

The first signs of poisoning usually appear already3 hours after eating improper food: vomiting, nausea, loose stools. At the same time, the pulse increases, the temperature rises, the general weakness binds the whole body, and the skin on the face pales noticeably. Take into account that poisoning with poisonous mushrooms is often accompanied by paralysis.

So, if a poisoning happened, first aid(if it is timely) will help to avoid complications. It is best to start with a lavage of the stomach - so all nasty toxins are eliminated from the body. Everyone knows an excellent way of washing - two liters of a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and everything is quite normal. For washing, a solution of baking soda is also used, after which you should induce vomiting yourself.

How to treat the poisoning next? It is mandatory to take sorbents, which will bind all the remaining toxins after vomiting and gently remove them from the body. The most common sorbent is activated carbon. In order not to make a mistake in the dose, count one tablet of coal per 10 kg of human weight. Among other popular sorbents: "Smecta", "Enterosgel" and others.

When treating poisoning, you need to constantlyreplenish the fluid in the body, which he loses along with the gastric lavage. Sometimes it is enough just to drink a lot of water, but in some cases it is better to drink special solutions: "Regidron", for example. After this, it is also superfluous to take drugs that restore the intestinal microflora: Lineks, Hilak Fort, or others.

Such measures are usually sufficient to restoreorganism after poisoning, and within a few hours should come an improvement. But there are situations when you can not do without calling a doctor. Do not worry too much, but excessive carelessness in such cases can play a cruel joke with you.

It is worthwhile to turn to a doctor if you have been poisoned with canned food, mushrooms, and alcohol poisoning also causes distrust. Treatment should appoint a specialist.

How to treat a poisoning (food) - many withChildhood is a familiar procedure, but one should not treat such things with such ease. To prevent permanent destruction of microflora, it is sufficient to adhere to some useful tips:

1. Be sure to heat all food before use.

2. Try to buy products in long familiar and time-tested places.

Our body is quite a complicated mechanism,which, however, works most often in a coordinated manner. Another thing - a child's body. His work is not yet well established, failures occur several times more often. And the consequences are much more dangerous, so it's worth starting to immediately treat the poisoning. First aid consists, to a greater extent, in calling an ambulance, since it is extremely dangerous to act independently. If this food poisoning - you can immediately cause vomiting.

If we talk about the symptoms of childhood poisoning, then most often manifest themselves:

1. high temperature;

2. severe nausea and vomiting;

3. diarrhea;

4. pain in the abdomen.

Whatever the case, self-medication can only aggravate the situation. The child in poisoning needs quick and high-quality treatment, so do not waste time and call a doctor.

Be healthy and prudent!

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