Be careful, snakes! Viper's Bite: First Aid

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During walks in the forest, as well as in travelsand in camping raises the possibility of meeting with poisonous snakes, including a viper. In principle, the bite of any snake can have quite serious consequences, because their poison very quickly affects the vital systems of the human body:

  • hematopoietic;
  • cardiovascular;
  • nervous.
    viper bite first aid

The viper's bite, the first aid for which must necessarily follow in time, is considered fatal! Therefore it is very important to know how to help the victim and himself. About this and talk.

The viper's bite. First aid

Viper Convent

This snake is distributed throughout the south of the Europeanparts of our country, in the Altai Territory, as well as in the North-Eastern part of China. This reptile hides under the trunks of fallen trees, under stumps, in hay stumps, in voids formed between the stones. In spring, these snakes prefer constantly warmed up places - fallen trees on the sunny side, heaps of small branches and brushwood, slopes of ravines, located in the southern part and so on.

The usual length of an ordinary viper does not exceed 50centimeters, but there are individuals up to 80 centimeters! Its main distinguishing feature is a pattern in the form of a zigzag on the back. Its color varies from cherry red to gray. Rarely, but there are vipers, painted in brown or black.

The Viper never attacks the person first. Bites it only when it senses danger:

  • the man came very close to the snake;
  • began to touch her with his hands, poke a branch into it;
  • stepped on the serpent randomly.

Usually vipers are first warned with hissing. For this they, of course, a low bow. But if you do not leave her alone, continuing a dangerous game, then the bite will be lightning fast!

serum from a viper bite
Viper's Bite: First Aid

The more viper, the more poison it will inject into the wound. And the stronger will be the pain at the site of the bite. So, what should you do if you still got a viper bite?

  1. The first help in this situation isartificially lowering the dose of poison that the snake has injected you! Remember that the poison of a viper is one of the fast-acting ones! Therefore, you need to urgently help the body cope with it. How to do it?
  2. Immediately after the bite, it is necessary to suck it outwounds! And it can not be done to those people who have any wounds or caries in their mouths, because this poison will remain there, just poisoning the body. Be sure to spit out the sucked bloody liquid.
  3. If within half an hour you do not have the opportunitygo to a medical institution, then serum from a viper bite (for example "Antigadyuka") will come to the rescue. The sooner the antidote is introduced to the victim, the better, naturally!
  4. On the way to the hospital, it is necessary to apply cold compresses to the bite site, as well as give the victim plenty of drink.
    antidote for viper bite

What can not be done in case of a bite!

It used to be believed that an effective "antidote"from the bite of a viper - these are cuts of the skin above the bite, cauterization, and also the applied tourniquet. No and no again! Today, official medicine recognizes this "antidote" as erroneous! The fact is that:

  • cauterization only increases the volume of the wound, and does not fight the poison;
  • cuts do not provoke excessive bleeding, as the substances in the venom of the snake quickly fold blood;
  • from the tourniquet there is no use, since the venomous venom extends not through the blood vessels, but through the lymphatic ones!
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