Diseases of the skin - psoriasis, treatment and symptoms.

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Quite a large number ofa disease like psoriasis, the treatment of which, in frequent cases, is performed in clinics of dermatology. This disease is observed in 3% of people, regardless of their gender, race characteristics and place of residence. The most common disease is observed in people aged 25 years, but 10% of patients are children.

Psoriasis is a disease of the skin that haschronic form, which causes scaly lichen, covering the skin and causing itching, while biochemical, vascular and immunological changes occur in the epidermis, as well as in the organs and systems of the human body. Psoriasis, the treatment of which must be started at its first signs, is not an infection. However, diseases tend to cause psychological discomfort in humans.

Psoriasis can be inherited, but itis not one of the hereditary diseases, since a person can be afflicted with a disease during life due to provoking factors that are:

1. External. This includes various damage to the skin, the effects of drugs and toxic substances on the skin, as well as various skin diseases that damage the epidermis.

2. Internal. In this group of factors include various infectious diseases of the body, stressful situations, as well as hereditary diseases.

Thus, psoriasis, the treatment of which canlast a long period of time, develops due to rapid division of skin cells, immune system disorders, stresses, and is often inherited.

It can be said that psoriasis symptoms, treatmentdepending on the forms of its development. So, scaly lichen can spread on joints, thus they start to hurt, the skin finds bright red color, there is an itch. One of the first symptoms of this disease is the formation of red spots on the knees and elbows, which can spread to the limbs, face, head, and the nails begin to exfoliate, cracks and blisters appear on the skin. People with psoriasis have impaired functions of the nervous system, metabolism, digestive system and kidneys.

Psoriasis, being a chronic disease, can,how to exacerbate, and to abate, depending on the season. So, at a progressive stage of development this disease is characterized by the appearance of a new rash that spreads quickly. At a stationary stage, new rashes are not formed, but in the stage of regression, which usually falls on the winter period of the year, the disease worsens.

Over the years, doctors are trying to finda means for curing psoriasis. However, to date there are no such drugs that treat this disease, it is possible only to monitor the development and course of the disease, as well as improve the condition of patients. It can be said that the new in the treatment of psoriasis is a set of methods of therapeutic effect, due to which the disease can disappear, but only for a certain period of time, while the quality of life of sick people after treatment becomes better.

It should be noted that the methods of treatment of the diseaseshould be selected individually, depending on the age category, sex, mental and physical health, the degree of defeat of scaly lichen, as well as the duration of the disease. It is necessary to pay attention to factors that can provoke the manifestation of the disease, for example, allergies or skin damage. Also, doctors resort to psychotherapy.

Thus, psoriasis treatment involves one that leads to remission, which would have persisted for a long time period.

In all cases of psoriasis treatment, medicamental therapy, phototherapy, external therapy and alternative methods of treating the disease are used.

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