The drug "Lyrics" - a drug against epilepsy

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Antiepileptic drug "Lyrics" -a drug whose active component is an analogue of gamma-aminobutyric (gamma-aminobutyric) acid. The effectiveness of the drug is noted in patients with postherpetic neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy.

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The drug "Lyrics" is a medicine that is recommended to take courses from thirteen weeks twice and from eight weeks three times a day.

It is noted that when applying the course for thirteen weeks, painful sensations decrease during the first week. The therapeutic efficacy of the drug was preserved until the end of treatment.

Means "Lyrics" - a medicine used in fibromyalgia, epilepsy, generalized anxiety disorder.

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With fibromyalgia, a marked decrease in painmanifestations are noted when the drug is used in a dosage of three hundred to six hundred milligrams. With a dosage of four hundred and fifty and six hundred milligrams per day, the efficacy is the same, but the tolerance of a higher dose is worse. Means "Lyrics" - a drug, the use of which is associated with significant improvements in the functional activity of patients and a decrease in the severity of sleep disorders.

When used for twelve weeks onbackground of epilepsy of two and three tablets of the drug "Lyrics" side effects are noted in the same amount, with the same efficiency.

With a generalized anxiety disordera decrease in symptoms is noted during the first week of therapy. When the agent was administered for eight weeks, more than half of the patients had a 50% reduction in symptoms in accordance with the Hamilton anxiety scale.

The drug "Lyrics" is a medicine thatis prescribed to eliminate adult neuropathic pain. In epilepsy, the drug is prescribed as an additional treatment in adults with partial seizures of convulsive nature, which are accompanied or not accompanied by secondary generalization.

The drug is recommended for oral administration, regardless of food. In a daily dosage from one hundred and fifty to six hundred milligrams (you need to use two or three doses).

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Due to the lack of information onregarding the safety of the use of the drug for the treatment of pregnancy, the appointment of the "Lyrics" means that the instructions for use during the antenatal period are recommended based on an assessment of the relationship between the benefit for the mother and the harm to the fetus. In the course of the experiments, the negative effect of the medication on the reproductive function of animals was revealed. In practice, there is no information about the penetration of the drug into the breast milk of a woman. However, during the experiments, the penetration of the agent into the breast milk of rats was revealed. In this connection, the doctor decides on the expediency of using the drug.

The drug "Lyrics" - a medicine is enoughserious. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable under any circumstances. Before using the product, it is necessary to consult a specialist and study the annotation.

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