How to distinguish bleeding from monthly ones

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Allocations in the early stages of pregnancy withan admixture of blood has absolutely no relation to menstruation. They can pose a threat to both women's health and developing embryos. How to distinguish bleeding from menstruation? Are there any special differences? Let's look at it together.

How to distinguish bleeding from menstruation

It is a normal physiological process,terminating each cycle. Bleeding with menstruation is repeated every twenty-one to thirty-five days. It lasts an average of five days, in some cases the duration is a week. Intensity of blood loss is individual for each woman. Often menstruation is a mild vaginal discharge. As a rule, they begin with a scant "smear", then becoming more abundant, and gradually stop. Many women during this period complain of general malaise, heaviness and pulling pains in the lower abdomen. Deviations in the cycle for three days are considered normal and permissible. In the case of impending fertilization, menstruation ceases.

How to distinguish bleeding from menstruation

bleeding or menstruation
During the penetration of the egg into the uterine cavitysmall damage to blood vessels is possible. These phenomena are accompanied by bloody vaginal changes. And how do you know if it's a bleeding or a period? Many women tend to confuse implantation bleeding with menstrual bleeding. This happens solely from ignorance. After all, bleeding can occur a week before the proposed menstruation.

How to distinguish bleeding from menstruation - the main differences

There are a number of distinctive features:

1. Duration. The duration of implantation bleeding is several hours, however, in some cases, they can be delayed for a couple of days. While normal menstruation takes about a week.

2. Intensity. The volume of discharge during bleeding is insignificant, most often in the form of a few drops that can be seen on the underwear. With menstruation, the situation is different. Intensity of hemorrhage is more significant.

3. Color. When bleeding, they have a pale pink or yellowish color with veins of blood, with menstruation - a scarlet highlight.

bleeding with monthly
4. Discomfort. In the process of attaching a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus, there may be unpleasant sensations (slight abdominal swelling and heaviness in the lower abdomen). Cramping pains can indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in the genital area or a cycle.

5. Change in basal temperature. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, it rises to a mark of thirty-seven degrees or more. This temperature lasts for about two weeks. While in the implantation of the egg, it falls below thirty-seven degrees, after which it rises sharply.

Ask for help

If you do not know how to distinguish bleeding fromyou need to seek professional help. It is he who will help to make an accurate diagnosis. And, if necessary, identify the nature and cause of bleeding.

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