What is the effective ointment for sunburn?

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Solar burns occur mainly whenprolonged exposure to the sun and with increased sensitivity of the skin. If damage of this nature is detected on the cover, treatment should be started as soon as possible. Emergency care for burns involves measures to reduce soreness by touching the burnt skin, preparing a cover for further therapy.

ointment from sunburn

The first stages of treatment

Therapy begins with the cooling of the burnt skin.To do this, apply lotions and compresses using cold water. This cooling allows you to moisturize the skin. Specialists also recommend tomato or cucumber juice, black ice tea, aloe juice. A good therapeutic effect is noted when using compresses with antiseptics, for example, with the drug "Furacilin" or manganese (a weak solution). Gadgets change as they heat up on the skin. Together with these procedures it is recommended to use medications that help to remove pain.

cream against burns

Follow-up activities

Chilled skin should be moistened- Dry skin is more prone to inflammation. For moistening it is recommended to use a cream against burns. A popular drug is the drug Panthenol. The medicine is characterized by high efficiency and speed. The active components of the product contribute to the necessary moistening of the skin, as well as the elimination of discomfort associated with damage. You can also use special sprays. As a first aid, so-called grandfather methods are often used. Burnt skin is smeared with kefir, milk, sour cream, egg whites.

emergency aid for burns
These products include proteins,preventing drying of the cover and contributing to its recovery. As a moisturizer is also used ointment from sunburn on the basis of aloe, calendula, extract of chamomile, vitamin E. These components help to retain moisture in the cover for a long time.

Ointment or spray?

According to experts, the aerosol is moreeffective remedy than any ointment from sunburn. The main advantage of sprays is the lack of the need to rub it into the inflamed skin, causing even more irritation and damage. It should be noted that many drugs used in the states under consideration have different dosage forms. The same sunburn ointment "Pantenol" is also available in the form of an aerosol.


In severe injuries, tenderness of the coveris manifested very intensely. To reduce the severity of pain, a special sunburn ointment with analgesic properties is used. In the composition of such a remedy there is novocaine or lidocaine. Among the popular drugs are the medicines "Emla", "Luan". To enhance the effect of ointment on sunburn, it is recommended to take painkillers inside. However, they should be appointed by a doctor. It should be remembered that the burnt skin is not allowed to be treated with alcohol-containing products.

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