Hepatitis B: treatment at home, 5 effective ways

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Today, unfortunately, more and more diseases affect the human body. How to deal with them, how to deal with the disease at home? It's about hepatitis.

hepatitis in home treatment

About the disease

Hepatitis B is a specific type of liver damageman, when danger can threaten not only health, but even human life. Infection can occur in a variety of ways, even household, but this requires the blood or other fluid of the patient to enter the body of a healthy person. If you do not pay attention to the symptoms of hepatitis B (they can be completely vague) and do not treat the disease, it can flow into a chronic form and stay with a person forever, periodically exacerbating.

Method of treatment 1. Yolks

What can I do to a person who is foundHepatitis B? Treatment at home - that's an excellent way out of the situation. What can be done? The first steps - it is necessary to "chase bile". For this, there is a rather non-expensive way. It is necessary to get up at 5 am (the time of the most active work of the liver), it is good to whip two egg yolks from a chicken egg, all this is a drink. Then this is the medicine you need to drink with a glass of warm mineral water. After that, you need to go back to bed, take cover well, lie on your right side and attach a heating pad to it. It is necessary to lie for two hours.

 treatment of hepatitis B in the home

Method of treatment 2. Nettle

If a person has hepatitis B, treatment inhome conditions - an excellent option to help your own health. For this you can prepare infusion of nettles. You need to take fifteen grams of nettle leaves, pour them a glass of boiling water and all this to insist for about an hour so that the medicine slowly cools. At this time it is necessary to prepare infusion from the roots of the nettle. It will take 15 grams of rootlets to pour a glass of steep boiling water and boil for ten minutes on a small fire. Then everything is filtered, two infusions are mixed and taken half a cup three to four times a day before meals.

Method of treatment 3. Mumiye

If a patient has hepatitis B, treatment inhome conditions with the help of the mummy will help to cope with the problem perfectly. For this, it is necessary to take this miracle balm on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep for 28 days. Prepare it quite simply: you need 4 grams of mum to dilute with milk in a proportion of 1:20. After taking the mixture you need to eat one raw chicken egg. And always follow a strict diet.

Traditional methods of treatment of hepatitis with

Method of treatment 4. Corn stigmas

How to get rid of a disease such as hepatitisAT? Treatment in the home - this is a way out of the situation. To do this, you can make tea from corn stigmas, you can brew it simply as a normal drink. However, it is worthwhile to make sure that the plants are ripe. Term treatment in this way can last even up to a year.

Method of treatment 5. Tasty mixture

It is possible to treat hepatitis B at home andin this way: it is necessary to mix 1 kg of honey with a kilogram of black currant. To consume such a medicine is necessary for one teaspoon for half an hour before a meal. The term of treatment is until the mixture is eaten. It is worth noting that folk methods of treating hepatitis C will be the same as in the treatment of hepatitis B.

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