Antimicrobial ointment "Bactroban": instructions for use

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ointment baktroban instruction
Ointment "Bactroban" instruction describes howa broad-spectrum antibiotic for local and external use. When used in small concentrations, this drug has a bacteriostatic effect, and at higher dosages it provides a pronounced bactericidal effect. At the heart of this antimicrobial drug is the inhibition of protein synthesis in the pathogenic cell, which ultimately prevents the inclusion of the aliphatic α-amino acid-isoleucine in the protein chains. The most active ointment "Bactroban", the price for which is on average 450-650 rubles, shows for certain types of meningococci, staphylococcus, diplococcus type Neisseria, streptococcus, cytobacter, hemophilic rod and enterobacter. In addition, this remedy is well helped against pathogens of gonorrhea and opportunistic infections, causative agents of intestinal, urogenital and respiratory infections, certain types of proteas and pertussis.

ointment baktroban price
The "Bactroban" ointment is produced (instruction to italways in the kit) in the form of a homogeneous white mass, containing as a main component 2 percent mupirocin. Auxiliary elements are such substances as polyethylene glycol 3350 and polyethylene glycol 400. Separately it is worth mentioning that today in pharmacies you can meet nasal ointment "Bactroban", the instruction to which also indicates the presence in its composition of 2 per cent mupirocin. However, in the role of additional elements in this case are softzan 649 and soft paraffin.

Use this antimicrobial ointmentthe manufacturer recommends for the local treatment of a variety of infectious skin diseases. For example, this drug from the group of antibiotics is indicated for application in impetigo, furunculosis, folliculitis or eczema.

Bactroban Ointment

Ecthyma, infected injuries, burns and wounds alsoare the reasons for the appointment of "Bactroban". Ointment instructions for use advise to use as effective prevention of bacterial contamination of cuts or other damage to the skin, as well as to prevent complications of abrasions. Nasal ointment specialists are usually prescribed for local treatment of various infectious diseases of the nasal cavity, as well as to prevent the development of infections in people on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

Use "Bactroban" ointmentcategorically prohibits in the case of the patient's individual intolerance to mupirocin or an allergic reaction to any other components represented in its composition. With extreme caution, this antimicrobial is prescribed for elderly people and those with serious impairment of renal function. In addition, doctors are not advised to apply this ointment on large areas of the skin to avoid the appearance of undesirable side reactions.

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