Concussion. What help is needed in this situation?

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With a bruise, a blow to the head or a fall from a height tohead may be concussion. In most cases, it is not noticeable externally and manifests itself in damage to the brain itself, swelling of the brain tissue and small hemorrhage. It is easy to determine by short-term loss of consciousness. It can last as a couple of seconds, and several hours, and in especially severe cases - even days, and are accompanied by irregularities in the work of the pulse and breathing.

If the concussion is not accompanied by differentfractures of the skull and hemorrhages - this is most likely a slight concussion of the brain. Treatment, in any case, should begin immediately with first aid on the spot, as the patient may have a loss of consciousness during which he may be on his back. In this situation, there is a danger of the tongue falling and overlapping of the respiratory tract. It is also dangerous abrupt vomiting, during which the victim should be turned on his side. This is one of the first symptoms that suggests that a concussion occurred.

First aid is a constantmaintaining airway patency. Even if a person after a loss of consciousness lies on his back and put him on his side is impossible, you should turn his head to his side, thus preventing penetration of vomit masses and sunken tongue into the respiratory tract. A cold compress is applied to the head as soon as a concussion has occurred. First aid is needed in case of difficulty, intermittent or wheezing. The sufferer needs to make artificial respiration as soon as possible, and if necessary, massage the heart. It is very important, if there was a concussion, do not give the victim to drink! Water can get into the lungs and bronchi and cause choking.

After coming to consciousness, the patient will complainto noise in the ears, nausea, weakness, dizziness, headache, sweating and flushing to the face. A concussion disturbs the action of the vestibular apparatus, causes pain when moving through the eyes and is the cause of poor sleep. In any case, you should immediately contact a specialist, as the first symptoms can be deceptive and a serious injury can look like a slight concussion. Treatment - after a thorough examination and identify the severity of injury - can appoint only a doctor. Most likely, you will need to do an x-ray of the cranial bones, in order to make sure there are no fractures.

If a concussion occurred, the patient, aftercareful examination and the appointment of appropriate treatment, a mandatory bed rest will be prescribed. For several days he is not allowed to watch TV, listen to music and read. To improve the regenerative work of the brain, a doctor will recommend a course of soothing and analgesic drugs. If the patient will strictly comply with the regime, take all the necessary medications and soothing, the relief will follow on the fifth or sixth day. Less frequently, in the case of deviations from the regime, a slower recovery is observed. Even if the process of recovery was smooth and rapid, it should be remembered that concussion may be a consequence of the development of posttraumatic neurosis or other more serious pathologies. Therefore, after complete improvement of health, it is necessary to go to an appointment with a neurologist and conduct an electroencephalography.

Due to some ways of protection it is possible to reduceprobability of getting such a serious injury as a concussion. To do this, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment in any sport that is not even particularly dangerous. If you are a car enthusiast, then do not forget about the seat belt and pay attention to the medicines that you consume: they can reduce the reaction speed behind the wheel. Do not drink alcohol if you are going to drive. Bypassing the fight and other street showdowns, remember that it is for these reasons that most of the concussions, according to statistics, are in men.

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