Multivitamins. Instruction for the application of "Kombilipen"

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The drug "Kombilipen" is a multivitamincombined type. Therapeutic efficacy is due to the properties of the components present in the formulation. The vitamin B1 contained in the medicine takes part in the neuro-impulse transmission. Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) affects the stability of metabolic processes, provides normal hematopoiesis, peripheral as well as central nervous system activity. In addition, due to the activity of vitamin B6, there is a synaptic transmission, transportation of sphingosine (a component of the nerve shell), synthesis of catecholamines. An important factor contributing to normal growth is cyanocobalamin (B12). This component also participates in nucleotide synthesis, development of epithelial cells, hematopoiesis. Vitamin B12 is an important component of the metabolism of folic acid and myelin synthesis.


Instruction for the use of "Kombilipen" containsinformation about the effectiveness of the drug in the complex therapy of a number of neurological pathologies. A drug is recommended for root syndrome caused by diseases of the spine of the degenerative type. A medication is prescribed for neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, neuritis of the facial nerve, polyneuropathy of various etiologies (including alcoholic, diabetic). Instruction for the use of "Kombilipen" recommends prescribing the drug under consideration to patients with lumboschialgia, intercostal neuralgia, lumbar, cervical, cervico-brachial syndromes. Indications include pain syndrome, which accompanies other diseases of the spine.

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Means of "Kombilipen". Instructions for use. Price

The solution is injected into the muscle. In severe cases and especially severe cases, 2 milliliters are recommended daily. The duration of therapy in this case is five to seven days in a row. Then the frequency is reduced to 2-3 times / week. If the pathology is easy, the recommended dose is 2 ml two or three times a week. The duration of therapy is on average 7 to 10 days. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the doctor can increase the duration of treatment. Instruction for the use of "Kombilipen" does not recommend continuing therapy for more than two weeks. After stabilization of the condition, the patient should be transferred to the oral administration of the drug in tablet form. The dosing regimen is set by the doctor individually.

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The cost of medicines in the pharmacies starts from the mark of 100 rubles.

The drug "Kombilipen": instructions for use, reviews, additional information

Patients who took the drug,characterize it as an effective and safe tool. The multivitamin complex is well tolerated, the patients rarely consult physicians with complaints about side effects: allergies, acne, tachycardia. The disadvantages of the drug include a limitation in its use during pregnancy and lactation. Instruction for the use of "Kombilipen" prohibits the administration of a drug in case of hypersensitivity to components, heart failure of decompensated type in acute and severe forms.

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