Means of "Lavakol". Instructions for use

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Medication "Lavakol" instructions for usecharacterizes as a laxative. Macrogol, present in the composition, prevents the absorption of water from the gastrointestinal tract, while facilitating the transport of intestinal contents. Electrolytes prevent disturbances in the water-electrolyte balance. The drug is not absorbed and metabolized. A medicament is produced in the form of a powder, from which a solution for oral administration is prepared.

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Means for "Lavakol" instructions for userecommends in the period of preparation for radiographic or endoscopic diagnosis of the large intestine. The medication is prescribed before surgery, during which the absence of intestinal contents is necessary.

Means of "Lavakol". Instructions for use. Price of medicine

The cost of the medication varies withintwo hundred rubles. To prepare the solution, the powder of one packet (14 g) is diluted with 200 ml of water. Take the drug should be on an empty stomach for 18 or 20 hours before the start of the study or surgery. Dosage - three liters of solution (approximately 200 ml with a break of 20 minutes). "Lavakol" means the instruction for use recommends drinking between 14 and 19 hours. After taking the drug or in the process, only liquid food is allowed.

lavacol instructions for use


The drug is not prescribed for intolerancecomponents, dehydration, in childhood. To the contraindications of the drug "Lavakol" instructions for use refers to the lesions of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract of erosive ulcerative nature (recto-ulceration, Crohn's disease). Not recommended medication for intestinal obstruction (obturative, spastic and other), pain sensations of an unknown nature in the stomach. Contraindicated taking a solution with a general severe condition of the patient, toxic megacolon, gastric stenosis, gastrointestinal perforation. The drug is not recommended for chronic kidney and heart failure.

Side effects of "Lavakol". Instructions. Patient Reviews

In general, the drug is satisfactorily transferredwhile observing the dosing schedule. Patients rarely talk about the occurrence of complications after taking the solution. Many patients note a rapid onset of a laxative effect. In rare cases, people turn to doctors complaining about side effects. Usually these are patients with hypersensitivity to the components or taken high-dose medications. In such cases, they have an allergic reaction, persistent diarrhea, soreness in the abdomen, flatulence. These conditions, however, pass independently, do not require additional treatment.

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additional information

"Lavakol" remedy (instruction for usecontains such information) can slow the absorption of other drugs taken simultaneously with it. In this regard, the solution should be drunk after two hours after taking other medications. Do not recommend long-term therapy with the drug "Lavakol". Instructions for use allow for the appointment of a remedy for patients with diabetes, as well as being on a galactose-excluding diet.

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