Heartburn: Symptoms and Treatment of Discomfort in the Stomach

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A burning sensation in the esophagus, which gives a throat in the throat,going from the stomach - all these are typical satellites of heartburn. Periodically, it appears in every second person, regardless of sex or age. Only four percent of people can boast of

Heartburn Symptom
the fact that heartburn occurs in them no more often than a couple of times a year. More than fifteen percent are faced with such a problem weekly. So what are the causes of this disease and how to get rid of it?

Causes of discomfort

Why does heartburn affect the esophagus? The thing is that the unpleasant sensations appear because of the gastric juice that has fallen on the mucosa of the esophagus. Under normal conditions, the sphincter does not allow the stomach contents to leave the stomach. In violation of its work, the acid begins to erode the esophagus. Heartburn is developing. Symptoms may include loss of appetite and weight loss, dehydration, the onset of internal bleeding in particularly severe cases. Discomfort occurs, usually after eating, especially overeating, eating poor-quality food, caffeine, alcohol, sour fruits. Sometimes heartburn provokes smoking or taking medicines. In some patients, discomfort is associated with the postoperative period. Chronic condition can be associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: inflammation of the esophagus, gastritis,

Why Heartburn?
hernia of the esophagus, duodenal ulcer.

Heartburn during pregnancy

The first months of pregnancy in many expectant mothersare associated with a certain discomfort. Among the characteristic diseases of pregnant women is heartburn. Symptoms develop due to increased intra-abdominal pressure in the process of increasing the uterus, and also because of the increased amount of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy.

To ease your condition, you need to changefood. What is eaten with heartburn? The diet should be balanced, from the food excluded marinated products, drinks with caffeine or carbonated, vegetables and fruits that increase acidity. Some people should limit the cold or too hot food, do not eat fatty meat, boiled eggs and yeast bread. If there is no improvement, you should consult a doctor for a prescription for antispasmodics.

Treating heartburn

The most famous remedy is water with soda. This is a very effective method, known for a long time, but to use it

What is eaten with heartburn?
should be as rare as possible. Entering into the stomach, baking soda provokes an increased production of carbon dioxide, which increases the pressure inside the stomach. Over time, this will again cause heartburn. Symptom of irritation of the esophagus is better to remove therapeutic hydrocarbonate mineral water. Be sure to monitor the diet: avoid excessively fatty, heavy meals, alcohol, sour juices and fruits, cabbage or tomatoes. After consulting a doctor, you can start taking special medicines, such as Almagel or Rennie. Modern tablets help to bind hydrochloric acid in the stomach and protect the mucous membrane from damage. In some cases, a constant heartburn is a symptom of nervous overexertion. In this case, a consultation of the therapist is required, aimed at an early resolution of the stressful situation and stabilization of the patient's mental condition.

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