First aid for heat shock: what to do?

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The first help in case of a heat shock is instopping human exposure to high temperatures. If the cause of poor health is a prolonged stay in the steam room while visiting the bath, it is necessary to transfer the victim to a room having a lower temperature. First aid in case of heat and sun impact, caused by the influence of the daylight: it is necessary to urgently exclude the effect of its direct rays, that is, to transfer the victim to the shade. There he should be laid, slightly raising his head. If a person is unconscious, you can not put him on his back, because when vomiting occurs he can suffocate. Turn it slightly to the side, tilt the head. In such a serious condition, you should call your doctor. Calling an ambulance, be sure to notify the dispatcher of the condition of the victim.

First aid for heat shock
First aid for heat stroke alsoprovides for free access of fresh air. To do this, unfasten the tight collar, remove the tightening, tight clothes. Do not allow others to crowd around the victim, explain that he needs air.

If a person is unconscious, in the first placeturn it is necessary to bring it to life. You can apply well-known methods: wave, creating a stream of fresh air, lightly sprinkle water on the face, sniff ammonia.

The next step that needs to be taken -cool the patient. First, make cold lotions (compresses) on the forehead and on the back of the head. In the car first-aid kit there is a special cooling bag, but in its absence, even soaked in cold water and wrung cloth will give considerable relief to the patient. Only to change such a compress is very often. You can use the ice, but apply it, after wrapping in 2-3 layers of fabric.

First aid in case of heat and sun impact
Further first aid with thermal shockis to provide the victim with drink. Pay attention, you can not give ice water, despite his requests! Even cool water is not very recommended. It is best to use a slightly warm drink, preferably a weak tea, it will also be useful for some slightly acidic drink - mors, compote.

The victim needs peace. Do not let him move. Even if there is a relief, he should not get up, it is necessary to lie for at least an hour. Heat stroke is not a harmless condition at all, it can lead to serious complications, especially in children, the elderly and those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

If the condition of the victim has stabilized,There is no dizziness, he does not feel sick, his head or heart does not hurt, then in about an hour you can let him get up. The victim must climb very slowly and carefully, so as not to lose consciousness. Support the victim when he gets up. Make sure that the state of health is normal and the person does not bother. After a heat stroke, of course, he should not go back to that pastime, during which he suffered. For at least a week, he should be more careful about his condition, avoid overheating the organism, and lead a sparing lifestyle. Contraindicated alcohol, fatty and spicy food, undesirable tobacco smoking. If improvement does not occur, it is necessary to call a doctor, even if the victim did not lose consciousness.

First aid for an electric shock

Similarly, first aid is given during a strokecurrent. Just before you start to provide it, you need to free the person from further exposure to electricity and check the signs of life. If he simply has a loss of consciousness, then we act according to the scheme suggested above. In the absence of breathing and pulse, it is urgent to begin artificial respiration and closed heart massage.

Remember! In time, properly rendered first aid in case of heat stroke, solar or electric, can save a life and save health to a person!

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