Lucetsam: instructions for use.

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Lucetam is a nootropic drug. It acts directly on the brain. The process of learning is greatly improved, memory develops, the ability to remember, attention is intensified. In general, after taking the drug, mental performance increases.

Form and composition of the issue

The medicine in question is available in the form of tablets and a solution.

The drug "Lucetsam" tablets white or almostwhite shade, biconvex and oval. They have the following engravings: "E 241", "E 242", "E 243" on one side. The difference is that they have a different amount of active substance - piracetam.

In the tablets "E 241" - 400 mg.

In tablets "E 242" - 800 mg.

In the tablets "E 243" - 1200 mg.

Lucetam as a solution is completely transparent, odorless, colorless. In it, piracetam is contained in an amount of 3 grams.


AT tablet formulation there are quite a few components, since the shell has one composition, and the "stuffing" has the other.

The shell consists of:

• titanium dioxide (E171);

• ethylcellulose;

• talc;

• hypromellose;

• dibutyl sebacate;

• Macrogol 6000.

The active substance of the contents of the tablet is piracetam.

The additional ones are: povidone K-30 and magnesium stearate.

AT composition of solution the same active substance enters, but the additional ones are slightly different.

These include: glacial acetic acid, sodium acetate and water.

The medicine "Lucetsam". Instructions for use: indications

Patients are prescribed medication in the following cases:

• psycho-organic syndrome (elderly patients incommunication with such symptoms as: memory loss, decreased concentration of attention, mood changes, gait disturbance, dizziness, decreased activity, behavioral disorder);

• ischemic stroke (treatment of consequences);

• chronic alcoholism;

• recovery period after various injuries or intoxications in the brain;

• dizziness;

• balance disorders;

Cortical myoclonia.

The drug "Lucetsam". Instructions for use: contraindications

The medication is not prescribed in the following cases:

• renal failure (terminal stage);

• hemorrhagic stroke;

• pregnancy;

• age less than 1 year;

• Hypersensitivity to the drug;

• lactation.

Do not take the drug if you fall under this list, because you can seriously damage your health.

Medicinal product "Lucetsam". Instructions for use: overdose

In case of an overdose, there are no specific symptoms. Possible manifestation or aggravation of side effects.

For treatment, gastric lavage is prescribed. It is also recommended to provoke vomiting.

Then they prescribe a course of symptomatic therapy. There is no special antidote.

Medication "Lucetsam". Instructions for use: side effects

Side effects can be:


• Depression;

• An alarm;

• drowsiness;

• nervousness;

• ataxia;

• imbalance;

• headache;

• Epilepsy (exacerbation);

• Confusion;

• dizziness;

• Excitation;

• hyperkinesia;

• hallucinations;

• Insomnia.

Digestive system:

• pain in the stomach;

• diarrhea;

• vomiting;

• nausea.


• Weight gain.

Dermatological problems:

• edema;

• itching;

• dermatitis;

• rashes.

These side effects most often occur in elderly patients. After a reduction in the dose taken, all these symptoms pass very quickly.

Side effects can occur against the background of an overdose or taking the drug, despite the contraindications.

Terms and conditions of storage

The medicine should be stored at a temperature around 15-30 degrees Celsius. The place where the drug is located should not be accessible to children.

Lucetam in the form of tablets is suitable for 5 years. In the form of a solution - 2 years.

Terms of sale in pharmacies

This drug is only available on prescription.

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