Brief instruction on the application of "Kurantil"

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The drug "Curantil" is a medicine that is used to improve blood flow, prevent thrombosis and restore immunity. The product is in the form of a dragee.

instructions for the application of the curant

Pharmacological properties

The instruction on the application of "Kurantil" explains,that the composition of the medicament includes an active component - dipyridamole, the effect of which determines the effectiveness of the entire remedy. Due to the presence of this element, the preparation has antiplatelet agents (preventing the formation of thrombi), vasodilating (vasodilating) and immunomodulating properties. The medicine promotes vasodilation, increased exchange and speed of blood flow, improvement of myocardial oxygen supply. The drug "Kurantil" prevents the development of blood clots, which allows it to be used for the therapy of many cardiac and vascular pathologies. Instructions for the use of "Kurantil" indicate that the reception of the drug during pregnancy is associated with the ability of the drug to prevent clogging of the blood vessels of the placenta, which avoids the complications associated with a lack of oxygen for the fetus (hypoxia). Immunomodulatory properties of the drug are expressed in its ability to increase the activity of interferon and stimulate its synthesis, which is important for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases, including influenza and ARVI.

Quarantine instruction on the use of the tablet


Instruction for the application of "Kurantil" supposesuse of the drug for dyscirculatory encephalopathy, ischemic disorders of the blood circulation of the brain, acute respiratory viral infection, viral pathologies, influenza. The agent is prescribed for the prophylaxis of thromboembolism after performed surgery for prosthetic heart valves, to prevent ischemia (especially with aspirin intolerance), arterial and venous thrombosis, and to treat their complications. As a complex therapy, the drug is taken for disorders of microcirculation. The drug is effective in complicated pregnancy, it is used to prevent placental insufficiency.


Instruction for the application of "Curantil" prohibitsto take a remedy for hypersensitivity, hemorrhagic diathesis, hepatic and renal insufficiency, obstructive lung diseases, heart rhythm disorders, collapse, hypertension and hypotension, subaortic stenosis of the aorta, stenosing atherosclerosis, infarction, unstable angina, diseases in which bleeding develops. During pregnancy and during lactation, the use of the drug is only possible according to the indications.

kurantil 75 instructions for use

Medication "Kurantil": instructions for use

Tablets are taken on an empty stomach, washed down with a liquid, notcrushing. Children after 12 years and adult patients with ischemia and circulatory disorders of the brain medication is prescribed three times a day for 75 mg. To reduce the formation of platelets, the volume of the drug is increased to 225 mg. For the prevention of colds and flu, "Curantil 75" means the instruction for use recommends using within a month, taking 2 pills once a week.

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