The preparation "Analgin" - from what? Its harm to the body

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Probably, there is no first aid kit in which there would be noof the medicine "Analgin". This drug is so common for each of us that almost no one bothers to read the instruction for its use.

Analgin from what

What is this tool - "Analgin"? From what does it help? Let's try to understand. It is known to the international community as sodium metamizole. The drug does not apply to narcotic analgesics, it has the ability to reduce pain without affecting the psyche. In what place are localized discomfortable sensations - it does not matter. It can be a head, an ear, a stomach - with any of them the preparation "Analgin" will cope. What else can this universal anesthetic relieve? It can become an assistant in the fight against inflammatory processes and reduce heat.

Nevertheless, the attitude of consumers towardsfirst glance, a simple and effective drug is ambiguous. In addition to those people who drink this medicine about and without it, there are those who even in case of acute necessity will not take a single pill. In the era of general availability of any information, it was found out what "Analgin" is harmful: it harms the circulatory system of our body.

The first and most important property of the drug is the withdrawalpain, but not the treatment of their causes. Having drunk the dose of the remedy and reducing your suffering, it is important not to forget to seek medical help for diagnosing the disease that caused the pain and the appointments for its treatment.

Allergy to analgin

The second important property to remember: when taking the drug for a short time and in small doses of harm to the body it does not cause. The question arises: what is the use of the medicine "Analgin" with a long course of treatment for them? In this case, the drug has the property of inhibiting the circulatory system of the body and causing violations in the work of the kidneys and liver. In addition, it is forbidden to use it for people with individual intolerance (if there is an allergy) and pregnant women.

The intake of the drug is not terrible, if not exceed the daily dosage, which should not be more than three grams.

According to doctors, taking the drug "Analgin", from which no one will be insured:

- from notable damage to the kidneys (according to statistics, approximately 10% of patients with hemodialysis have renal failure due to excessive use of the drug);

- from suppression of bone marrow functions, as a result of which the production of leukocytes is limited (the drug adversely affects them);

- from a lethal outcome in the case of taking large doses of the drug.

What is harmful analgin

The main negative factor when taking the remedy"Analgin" is the following: it can lead to addiction similar to narcotic. For example, with a headache, a person takes a pill of the drug and it stops, but for a short time: after a couple of hours, unpleasant sensations come back with a vengeance - and again, the preparation "Analgin" is used. Why will the pain return again? This is the case when the body does not already do without this agent and is experiencing an increasing need for it, creating artificial unpleasant sensations.

The allergy to "Analgin" is a variety of the mostcommon types of drug intolerance. Its development can occur in people of any age. People with allergies of other species get into the risk group first.

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