Treacherous Herpes, or How to treat a cold on the lips

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Many people on the lips and on the wings of the nose sometimesthere are strange red "sores", covered with a lot of bubbles. Some call it a cold, others a fever. And indeed, the symptoms of this "sore" are very similar to cold: bad state of health, chills, headache, temperature. With proper treatment, these symptoms pass fairly quickly, and the vesicles, which at the beginning so unbearably burned and scratched, dry up, turn pale and disappear. And now, attention! Do not think that if you know how to treat a cold on your lips, then there will be no trace of the disease! Unfortunately, it is not…

how to treat a cold on the lips
Jokes aside!

The cold on the lips is a popular "nickname"a viral infectious disease called "herpes." Yes, you heard correctly! It's viral! Herpes virus is very cunning, it settles in the blood of a person ... forever. We do not see it, but, meanwhile, it can harm our internal organs. The most terrible thing about all this is that we can not even guess at the danger. In some cases, the organs chosen by the virus after a while can be affected by a cancerous tumor.

Provoke the appearance of a cold on the lips can the following factors:

  • general hypothermia of the body;
  • stressful situations, nervous states;
  • overheating of the body;
  • other infections.

The herpes virus is transmitted as follows:

  • Firstly, this is the most banal contact path - through a kiss;
  • second, the airborne droplet path;
  • thirdly, through contact with various public objects (towel, soap, toothbrush, joint dishes for eating and drinking, etc.).

Before you learn how to treat a cold on your lips,try not to neglect our next advice. In no case do not touch the emerging bubbles, as you risk provoking complications of inflammatory processes. Important! Try in this case at least to use your foundation, powder and, of course, lipstick, but it is better to forget about them for a while.

how to treat a cold on the lip
And now we will give you a couple of tips on how to treat a cold on your lips.

How to treat a cold on the lips

Just say that there are many different methods, and how to treat a cold on the lip, each picks up for him.

Method number 1. As soon as you notice at least a hint of herpes - immediately dry the vesicles and relieve their inflammation! This is done with the help of special ointments, which are sold in any pharmacy. You need to choose those that contain antiviral substances in their composition. This ointment should be applied to herpes four times a day. Note that not all people are helping.

how quickly to cure a cold on the lip
Method number 2. From myself I can suggest a "folk" way how to quickly cure a cold on the lip. Take a disposable syringe needle or a simplesewing needle (just do not forget to disinfect it, for example, by dipping into alcohol!). When the herpes is inflated and filled with moisture, pierce it with a disinfected needle, thereby releasing the liquid from there. If it does not come out, you can squeeze it out slightly. After that, necessarily put (ie prizhhite) herpes with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. If everything is done correctly, then in the morning the swelling and inflammation will subside. The meaning of this method is that all the remaining time, until the cold on the lips will dry up, it will not disturb you!
how to cure a cold on the lips
The cold on the lips is a serious disease, do not take it lightly! Good luck to you!

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