Does the potassium orotate help the bodybuilders? The instruction says: "No"!

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Orthoic acid is a non-steroidal anabolic, whichhas become widespread in sports and medicine. The agent, which is better known in Russia as the drug "Potassium orotate", is valued in sports for its ability to enhance the production of nucleic acids, activate tissue repair and metabolism, and accelerate regeneration. It helps to endure high and prolonged physical activity. For the same drug and doctors appreciate.

The preparation "Potassium orotate", the instruction explains this,is able to multiply the amount of albumin produced by the liver, which is especially necessary after prolonged hypoxia. The medicine promotes more complete assimilation of glycosides, helps magnesium to act more actively on ATP. The composition is able to stimulate the appetite and has some diuretic characteristics.

Based on the above properties of the drug "Potassium orotate", the instruction defines the range of its action.

The drug is recommended for the treatment of heart attacks,angina pectoris, ischemic disease. It is an indispensable tool for eliminating the state of atrial fibrillation or magnesium-dependent, angiospasm, spasms of other origin. With the help of the drug "Potassium orotate", the instruction points to this, heal atherosclerosis, hepatitis and hepatosis, gallbladder and excretory diseases. The drug is indispensable for muscular dystrophy, myocardial dystrophy, various types of anemia. It is recommended to use it if the person is exposed to high physical loads.

Despite its seeming harmlessness, the drug "Potassium orotate," the instruction draws attention to potential patients, may have contraindications and side effects.

It is forbidden to admit to people sufferingnephrourolythiasis, renal or hepatic insufficiency, cirrhosis of the liver. Pregnant drug is not prohibited, but it is recommended to take it under the supervision of a doctor, only in extreme cases.

What side effects can triggerthe preparation "Potassium orotate"? The testimonies indicate that athletes with a low-protein diet may experience hepatitis. In other cases there is a violation of the stool, the appearance of rash, dyspepsia, diarrhea, some allergic manifestations.

In addition, reviews of doctors who studied the drug,prove that the best action it has on children. For athletes this is an ineffective drug. The use of it in bodybuilding, despite the widespread opinion, is absolutely meaningless: the relief of the body from potassium orotate does not depend.

However, it is established that if you take the medicine correctly, following the diet and prescribing the doctor, the course, if necessary, can be very long.

Usually the duration of administration and dosagemedication is recommended by a doctor. However, there are averaged doses of the drug, which are specified in the instructions. Adults, indicated there, should take from half a gram to one and a half grams per day for a month. Children are most often prescribed 10 mg per kilogram of weight. The course for them is limited to a week.

Take the medicine you need either an hour before admissionfood, or four hours after it. It provides a particularly beneficial effect in combination with vitamins, steroid anabolic substances, minerals. Therefore, most often the drug is prescribed as one of the components of a whole complex of therapeutic or vitamin supplements.

The doctor prescribing the course of the drug "Potassium orotate" should explain that this drug reduces the effect of contraceptives, and diuretics and insulin, in turn, reduce potassium efficiency.

Before buying the pill in the pharmacy, consult with a specialist. Remember: only a doctor can determine whether the medicine is good or bad for you.

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