Nursing care for angina pectoris: planning and implementation

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There is a huge number of medical services,which provide services for patronage. This includes nursing care for angina pectoris, respiratory diseases, after a stroke and heart attack, for cancer patients and so on, as well as pre-medical care. Such services can be provided both at home and in the hospital. In this article, we will tell you what kind of help the medical officer has for angina pectoris.

nursing care for angina pectoris

Nursing care for angina pectoris: stages

Angina pectoris is a common form of ischemicheart diseases. The patient feels heaviness, squeezing, raspryanie behind the sternum. The help of a nurse consists in the immediate removal of this pain. The nursing process itself with angina includes five stages:

  1. Nursing examination. The patient's health information is collected and submitted to the sister card.
  2. Nursing Diagnosis. As a result of the survey,health status. The main methods of diagnosis are observation and conversation. Do not confuse with medical diagnosis. There is a difference between them. Nursing diagnosis is based on the description of patients of their problems (for example, physiological, psychological, social), which are related to health, and medical - on the recognition of pathological conditions. With angina pectoris, the patient complains, as mentioned above, pain in the heart, shortness of breath, as well as psychological problems that have arisen. Since the disease broke his plans and the quality of life.
  3. Care planning. At this stage, the sisters form methods, terms, expected results, ways, those nursing activities that are necessary to achieve the goal. And the goal is the recovery of the patient.
  4. Implementation of the plan. Nursing with angina suggestsconstant monitoring of the patient. The medical worker must change the laundry, feed the patient, monitor the breathing, the pulse of the observed, perform the treatment prescribed by the doctor, constantly contact the patient and his relatives, hold calming conversations.
  5. Evaluation of the results. This is the final stage, which evaluates and analyzes nursing care for angina pectoris, provided to the patient, and summarizes.

 acute care for angina

Emergency help with angina pectoris

It includes the following actions:

  • The patient must ensure absolute rest.
  • Help him to take a semi-sitting or semi-sitting position.
  • The patient should be in a well-ventilated area.
  • Help him relax, calm down.
  • Give the tablet "Validol", then, if the pain is notpassed, the second. If, after twenty minutes, the pain is still present, the Nitroglycerin tablet may help, let the patient put it under the tongue.
  • If medications did not help, and the patient still had vomiting, pain in the epigastric region and nausea, then immediately call for an ambulance.
  • Before the arrival of a doctor, be sure to place the yellow cardholder on the heart area, and give warm water to the hands. All these actions will give temporary relief.

nursing process for angina pectoris

Emergency care for an attack of angina pectorisis aimed at eliminating the pain that spreads under the left shoulder blade, the neck and the left arm. The nurse in this case must show restraint and work confidently, quickly and without too much fussiness.

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