The drug "Don" is a medicine that can influence the metabolism in the cartilaginous tissue.

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The drug "Don" is a medicine that can influenceexchange in the cartilaginous tissue. This remedy is from the natural component of the articular cartilage. "Dona" is a medicine that replenishes the endogenous (internal) deficiency of glucosamine. The agent is able to favorably affect the cartilage of the joint, stopping the destruction in it, strengthening its structure.

The drug "Don" is a drug,It can reduce inflammation and prevent the development of osteoarthritis. Medication is also used for osteochondrosis of the spine, humeropathy periarthritis, chondromalacia of the patella, spondyloarthrosis.

The drug "Don" - a medicine that allows to improvethe quality of life of those suffering from osteoarthritis, reduce the costs of treating the disease, prevent the need for surgical intervention, and the development of disability.

The medication is available in the form of pills (sachets). They contain powder for the preparation of a solution for internal use. A remedy is also available in the form of a solution for injections.

The drug "Don" is a medicine that hasanti-inflammatory and chondro-stimulating effect. The medication is able to stop the development of degenerative processes inside the joints, reduce the intensity of pain sensations, restore the joint function.

The effect of using the "Don" (reviewsmany patients and doctors testify about it) comes already after two weeks from the beginning of application. Patients notice significant improvements in mobility and the elimination of discomfort and unpleasant painful oshchuscheny.

The drug "Don" includes glucosamine sulfate, purified sufficiently thoroughly from macromolecular elements.

The medication is prescribed for osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) of different localization, including in cases of hip and knee joint damage.

It is recommended to take medication for adultsa packet (1.5 grams) for four to twelve weeks, once a day. For use, the contents of the sachet should be dissolved in a glass of water. Take recommended before meals for twenty minutes. If necessary, the course of therapy is repeated at intervals of two months.

Intramuscular administration is recommended by adults for400 mg (1 ampoule) four or six weeks three times a week. Before the injection the preparation is mixed in one syringe with the applied solvent. Intramuscular administration can be used in conjunction with taking the drug inside.

Cases of drug overdose in clinical practice are not described.

Contraindicated drug "Don" whenhypersensitivity components, phenylketonuria (with the use of sachets, includes aspartame), children under twelve years old, with lactation, cardiovascular insufficiency of severe course, pregnancy, epileptiform convulsions in the anamnesis (when using injection for injection, includes lidocaine).

When using the medication inside, flatulence, constipation, urticaria, diarrhea, itching can occur.

After intramuscular injection, the patient canfeel dizziness, vomiting, diplopia, drowsiness, numbness in the oral cavity and tongue, euphoria, disorientation, nausea, upsetting of the heart.

In some cases, patients noted a significant increase in pain in the first time with the use of the drug "Don". However, later, there was relief.

The intake of the drug inside is able to increase in tetracyclines, reduce in semisynthetic penicillins and chloramphenicol absorption.

The medication is compatible with glucocorticoids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The drug "Don" (injection) with cautionprescribe concomitantly with digitoxin, beta-blockers, aymalin, quinidine, hexenal, sodium thiopental, verapamil, cimetidine, sedatives or hypnotics.

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