What is dangerous is the lowering of the anterior wall of the vagina?


Such a deviation as the descent of the walls of the vagina, most often occurs in women after childbirth. The reason for this may be insufficient physical development. The vagina is connected with the uterus, so the vaginal omission may provoke the omission and prolapse of the uterus without proper treatment.

The omission of the walls of the vagina and the uterus is an easing of the muscles of the pelvic floor, which leads to changes in the normal physiological interposition of the pelvic organs.

Causes that cause this diseaseseveral: the birth of a child with a large weight, prolonged or severe childbirth, multiple births, obesity, various connective tissue diseases, respiratory diseases that are chronic, removal of the uterus in the absence of fixation of the vaginal canopy.

The omission of the anterior wall of the vagina has the following symptoms:

- In the lower abdomen and back, a dull pain is drawing;

- sensation that there is a foreign body in the vagina;

- problems with urination;

- difficulty in defecation (in 30% of patients);

- during sexual intercourse, a sensation of pain;

bloody discharge.

Omission of the anterior wall of the vagina isA dangerous disease for the reason that it is associated with the direct omission of the bladder, which in this position during urination can not completely emptied. In the residual urine, infections develop that can contribute to the development of cystitis.

There is no single universal method for treating this disease. The choice of this or that method is influenced by the age of the patient, the presence of any gynecological diseases, the degree of omission.

There are therapeutic exercises (Kegel exercises),which can help strengthen the muscles. It is particularly effective in the initial stages of the disease, when the vaginal opening does not yet accompany the lowering of the pelvic organs. Its advantage is that it can be done practically anywhere. Exercises should be done in three stages. At the first stage, you need to strain the muscles, both for stopping urination, for 5-20 seconds. At the second stage it is necessary to strain and relax muscles as soon as possible. On the third - it is necessary to moderate moderately as during childbirth.

Omission of the anterior wall of the vagina hasconservative treatment - pessaries. It is a device made of plastic that looks like a ring. Pessaries are inserted into the vagina in order to keep the uterus in the right direction. It is used in the presence of contraindications to surgical treatment. All manipulations with it are carried out on an outpatient basis and do not require anesthesia. When applying this method of treatment, you must regularly visit a gynecologist. Periodic disinfection of the pessary is also necessary.

Cardinal treatment of the vaginal wall descentis plastic. Correction is possible in two ways. The first is using your own connective tissues. However, with this method of treatment of the vaginal wall dropout, 40% of women experience relapses within five years. The second is the use of a soft synthetic mesh implant, stretched in the plane of the pelvis, supporting all the organs of the small pelvis.

To prevent the front wallvagina, you should avoid lifting heavy items, exercise regularly, timely post-natal rehabilitation, and give up harmful habits (in particular, from smoking).

It should be remembered that on whatever methods of treatment younor counted, the main thing at display of symptoms of a pustling of walls of a vagina - immediately to consult at the doctor-gynecologist not to start a disease to the late stages which treatment is much more difficult and longer.

In this case, as in any disease, it is better to prevent, than treat, or already treat at early stages, than to wait for surgical intervention and long-term rehabilitation with consequences.