Medication "Lavakol". Reviews. Instructions

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The agent "Lavakol" has a laxativeimpact. The active substance is macrogol. The drug prevents the absorption of water from the gastrointestinal tract, helps to accelerate the evacuation of intestinal contents. The medicine is not absorbed from the digestive system and is not metabolized.

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Means of "Lavakol". Application

A medication is prescribed in preparation forX-ray or endoscopic examination of the large intestine, to surgical interventions that require the absence of contents in the intestine.


The drug "Lavakol" (instruction warns aboutthis) is not recommended for dehydration, hypersensitivity, chronic cardiac and renal insufficiency. Contraindications include erosive ulcerative lesions in the mucosa of the colon, Crohn's disease, intestinal obstruction (obturational, spastic including), ulcerative rectocolitis. Do not prescribe medicine for soreness in the stomach area of ​​an unclear nature, in childhood. The remedy is not recommended for the general severe condition of the patient, toxic megacolon, perforation in the gastrointestinal tract, stenosis of the stomach.

Adverse Reactions
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"Lavakol" medication (patient reviewsindicate this) is generally well tolerated. In some cases, there may be an allergic reaction, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea. To undesirable consequences include morbidity in the stomach, flatulence.

Dosing regimen

Optimal amount of water for dissolutionthe contents of one package of "Lavakol" (reviews of doctors confirm this) - 200 ml. Before the study or operation, the solution is taken on an empty stomach for 18-20 hours. It is recommended to take about three liters of medicine (200 ml every twenty minutes). During the day, the patient should consume only liquid food. The drug is recommended to take from 14 to 19 hours. Eating after 22 hours is not indicated.

additional information
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When an overdose means "Lavakol" (reviewsexperts confirm this) there is diarrhea. Recommended immediate withdrawal of the drug. Diarrhea itself stops after a day or two after discontinuation. With the simultaneous use of other medications, their absorption is slowed down. In this regard, the drug is recommended to be prescribed two hours after other means. The drug "Lavakol" (reviews of doctors confirm this) is not intended for long-term therapy. The purpose of the drug for the elimination of constipation is allowed as an additional means for dietotherapy and general hygiene measures, including eating food containing vegetable fiber, taking liquid in large quantities, restoring regular stools, necessary physical activity. There are no dextrose in the preparation. Due to this, the agent is allowed to be prescribed for diabetes mellitus, as well as for patients whose diet does not include galactose. The drug is approved for use for thirty-six months. Store the product at a temperature of up to 25 degrees.

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