Effective treatment of food poisoning at home. How to treat food poisoning: first aid

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With poisonings, a hugethe number of people and nothing, unfortunately, with such terrible statistics can not be helped. This kind of problem is understandable, because the modern world is full of diverse products, which contains dyes, chemicals, preservatives, and sometimes poisons. Especially relevant poisoning in the summer, when the air temperature is quite high. Treatment in this case does not require urgent, so we will devote our article to this problem, namely, what is the treatment of food poisoning at home?

treatment of food poisoning at home

In order to understand how this kind of treatment is treateddisease, it is necessary to understand in what cases it occurs. Food poisoning happens when the poison enters the body with poisoned, stale or poor-quality food. Also, as it is in our modern world, many unscrupulous manufacturers add prohibited substances to their products and do not indicate them on the packaging in the "product composition" column. Therefore, below we will consider in detail what is food poisoning (symptoms and treatment, species, classification), and also we will understand, in what cases urgent medical aid is required?

Symptoms of food poisoning

  1. Nausea, vomiting.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Headache.
  4. Increased body temperature.
  5. Abdominal pain.
  6. Dehydration.
  7. Low blood pressure.

how to cure food poisoning at home

The causes that most often provoke the disease

  1. Toxins that are contained in plants and animal meat, in particular mushrooms, as well as improperly prepared seafood - fish, shellfish.
  2. Infections (bacteria, viruses).
  3. Pesticides that are contained in food, or poisons, with which they are processed.

Most often these are the causes of food poisoning.

What to do, symptoms and treatment at home?

The first symptoms occur within 48 hours after the use of poisoned foods.

Urgent first aid is very important, because the sooner the treatment begins, the faster the organism will cope with intoxication.

First Aid

  1. Clear the stomach.The first thing to do is to induce vomiting. To do this, press the root of the tongue. It is more expedient to do this not with a finger of a hand, but with a clean tea spoon. If natural urge is not enough, to wash the stomach drink a liter of water at room temperature. It is also possible to prepare a soda solution or a solution of manganese. For the first - one teaspoon of soda is enough for one liter of water at room temperature. If you want to prepare a solution of manganese, you should be extremely careful here, since with insufficient dissolution of the manganese crystals, a stomach mucous stomach burn may occur. Therefore, before drinking, dilute the product in a small amount of water, and then add directly to the water for drinking. It should be remembered that it is necessary to induce vomiting until the masses acquire transparency. If solutions are not available, for example, due to poor health, you can drink ordinary water at room temperature without gas. It will not only purify the stomach, but will also replace the lost liquid.
    treatment of poisoning at home
  2. Replenishment of lost fluid.After the stomach is cleaned, you should provide the body with plenty of drink. Without this, treatment of poisoning at home will be ineffective. Drink should be frequent, but in small portions, so as not to provoke a stretching of the stomach. Do not use milk or juices in this case, as they can cause the development of bacteria to accelerate. As a drink, the best option is a weak tea. It should be remembered that sugar should not be added to the liquid used. Oral rehydration is also suitable for replenishing water losses through drinking. These are medicines that contain potassium, sodium, chlorine and other equally useful substances in their composition, which are selected in the right concentrations and proportions. Pharmacy names of the preparations are "Regidron", "Maratonic", "Orasan", "Reosolan", "Gastrolit", "Citraglukosolan". These funds, as a rule, have a powdery form and are diluted in water.
  3. Some are self-administeredfood poisoning at home, using cleansing enemas. About this opinion diverge, because their use or use of drugs that have a fixing effect, can further exacerbate the situation. Therefore, such methods of treatment should be agreed with the doctor.
  4. If after the above actions occurredimprovement, you can take activated carbon, "Smektu", "Atoxil", "Enterosgel". These drugs adsorb to themselves all poisons, toxins and quickly remove them from the body.
  5. Recreation. Give your body the first day of food poisoning rest. Limit yourself in the diet, but rather starve, and in the next few days adhere to a strict diet.
  6. For several weeks, enzyme preparations (Mezim, Enzymthal, Festal) and probiotics (Bifiform, Hilak-Forte, Probifor) should be taken in accordance with the attached instructions.

Below we will understand what is food poisoning in children, treatment in the home, emergency care.


If you are interested in the question of howcure food poisoning at home in children, then you need to be extremely careful. It should be remembered that any manifestations of poisoning in children should serve as an excuse for contacting a doctor.

how to treat food poisoning

And while the doctor did not come, help the baby.


  1. If half an hour after eating, the first symptoms of poisoning showed up, and there is no vomiting - call her. For this:

    - Give the baby one or two glasses of water. After that, hold it firmly with one hand, and the second - enter two fingers, as deep as possible into your mouth and press down on the root of the tongue. If after this vomiting did not follow, move your fingers.
    - You can use a spoon instead of your fingers.
    - Despite the resistance of the baby, attempts to induce vomiting must be carried out without fail.

  2. Do not feed the baby. Treatment of poisoning at home will be effective if the body at this time rests from food. Do not force the baby to eat.

  3. food poisoning symptoms and treatment types classification
    Actively poite the child. For this, treatment of food poisoning at home in children should be accompanied by the following actions:

    - do not give a lot of water, so as not to provoke a distension of the stomach, it is more advisable in this case to drink the child several sips every few minutes;
    - the temperature of the water must match the temperature of the child's body, so the fluid will quickly suck in the blood;
    - Do not add sugar to the drink and do not give sweet drinks;
    - if possible, give the baby a solution for oral rehydration;
    - optimal drinks can be, tea, mineral water without gas, compotes;
    - If the child refuses to drink what you give him, then let him drink what he wants (juices and sweet drinks as much as possible diluted with water).

  4. Give your child activated charcoal or Smecta. For 1 kg of the child's weight should be about 1 g of coal. That is, for 15 kg you should give 15 g of the drug. This is 30 tablets. Of course, this can be impossible because of so many. Therefore, give as much as the child can eat. And remember, activated carbon can not almost be overdosed.
  5. If you care about how to treat poisoningfood, if the child has a fever, the answer is obvious. At any, even insignificant increase, application of antipyretic preparations is required.

Cases in which medical attention is required

  1. The child's age is less than 3 years.
  2. Symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain) persist for more than 2-3 days.
  3. Increased body temperature.
  4. Poisoning is present at several other members of the family.

In what cases is an immediate call of an "ambulance" required?

  1. A child can not consume water because of excessive and constant vomiting.
  2. If you know that the baby is poisoned with mushrooms or seafood.
  3. There was a rash on the skin.
  4. Swelling appeared on the joints.
  5. The child is difficult to swallow.
  6. The baby is talking indistinctly.
  7. Skin and mucous membranes have turned yellow.
  8. Blood in vomit masses and feces.
  9. There is no urination for more than 6 hours.
  10. There was weakness in the muscles.

food poisoning in children treatment at home

Diet after poisoning

Treatment of food poisoning at homeshould be accompanied by a diet. You can not eat fat and spicy food. It is necessary to limit the use of dairy products. Alcohol and smoking should also be ruled out for a long time. Meat, vegetables and fish should be cooked for a couple. Eat small amounts every 2-3 hours. In the diet should include porridge, cooked on water, especially those that contain a large amount of fiber. Drink strong black tea, broth of a camomile, a dogrose.

Prevention of food poisoning

Previously, we figured out how to treat foodpoisoning. Symptoms and first aid are also discussed in detail. Therefore, below we will present some useful rules that will help to avoid this unpleasant and quite common problem.

  1. Wash your hands before preparing food, and also during its reception and after.
  2. Use disposable kitchen towels, sold in rolls.
  3. Store food products in specially designed containers for this purpose and accustom yourself to label them.
    how to treat food poisoning symptoms and first aid
  4. Do not freeze fish or meat several times.
  5. Keep garbage where the child can not get it.
  6. Follow the expiration dates of the products.
  7. Before you buy canned food, pay attention to the tightness of their packaging.
  8. Do not buy products that cause doubts in you, for example, an incomprehensible or unusual smell of meat, fish, eggs.
  9. Thoroughly roast and boil meat, fish, eggs.
  10. If the hands have wounds, abrasions, scratches, then when cooking, use gloves or glue them with adhesive plaster.
  11. Regularly change sponges for washing dishes, because they are the strongest bacteria accumulators.
  12. Teach yourself and your child to wash your hands regularly before meals, after a walk, after going to the toilet.
  13. Wash the dishes with soapy water and do not use store detergents.
  14. Ensure the cleanliness of kitchen utensils.

What not to do with food poisoning?

  1. Put a heating pad on the abdominal area.
  2. Drink fixing drugs for diarrhea.
  3. To put an enema for pregnant women, children, elderly people with diarrhea.
  4. Drink milk or water with gas.
  5. Do not induce vomiting if:
  • a man without consciousness;
  • there is a certainty that a person has been poisoned with alkali, kerosene, gasoline or acid.

If all of the above recommendations werethe probability that you will quickly cure food poisoning is quite large. Do not forget that only the doctor should assess the severity of poisoning, because timely medical assistance will help to avoid serious health problems. It should be remembered that with the first symptomatic manifestations of poisoning in children and the elderly, you should consult a doctor.

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