How to provide first aid for poisoning.

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Poisoning can be different both in degreeeffects on the body, and the nature of the poison. Regardless of these factors, first aid in case of poisoning must be provided in the minimum period of time, without waiting for the arrival of an ambulance, as this very often determines the life of a person.

In the general case, it is possible to compose some algorithm (sequence of actions) that will help not to get lost and act quickly in a difficult moment.

The first thing to do is try to deducethe maximum amount of poison from the human body. If this poisoning occurs through the skin, immediately flush the affected area with running water. With a chemical burn, only doctors can provide effective help, so you need to call an ambulance without postponing it.

Food poisoning can be viral andbacterial etiology. Viral poisoning usually occurs with vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. It can also be accompanied by headaches and fever, which begin 12 hours or more after direct poisoning. In cases of bacterial poisoning, symptoms appear more quickly, within an hour or more after poisoning, and pass somewhat easier, usually without chills and fever.

The greatest danger is represented by chemicalpoisoning and botulism. Here the account can go for a minute. At the slightest hint of confusion, muscle weakness, difficulty in swallowing, dry mouth, beginning paralysis of muscles, measures must be taken immediately and simultaneously call an ambulance.

First aid for poisoning in all casesconsists in washing the stomach. To do this, people are given a drink of at least one liter of water, preferably with potassium permanganate (the solution should be barely pinkish). If there is no potassium permanganate, you can add ordinary table salt (1 tablespoon per liter of water) to the water. The table salt does not allow water to be absorbed into the stomach and flushes the remnants of poor-quality food from it. After this, you need to induce a vomitive reflex, it is done by pressing the back of the tongue. It is advisable to repeat the procedure until the contents of the stomach become transparent.

The next item that is included in the helpwhen poisoning, is the acceptance of enterosorbent. The simplest and most affordable drug is activated charcoal. Tablets from poisoning are taken in a fairly large dosage: 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of weight. A smaller dosage will not be effective enough. In addition to activated carbon, lignin is available and effective.

It is much better to use drugs for poisoningbased on the same activated carbon, but improved composition: carbolen, carbactin, gastrosorb. Good absorbents based on carbon fiber materials are vaulene and actylene. They, like a sponge absorb all the bad, and do not get sucked into the blood. If you compare - 1 gram of activated carbon is able to absorb liquid from the surface to 300 square meters. meters, and the absorption area for valenia or actylene is 4 times larger. If possible, it would be good to put an enema with a sorbent, in which case the cleansing effect will be maximal and sufficiently rapid.

The ability of sorbents to absorb toxins -That's not all. During the reaction, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds are formed on the surface of the activated carbon, which chemically react and neutralize harmful substances, thus rendering a significant help in poisoning.

There are many more "advanced sorbents" withapple, citrus pectins. With the addition of beneficial bacteria and plant extracts. But the main thing in case of poisoning is not to lose time, give those sorbents that are at hand. The faster the first aid is given, the less severe the consequences will be. Be sure to drink sorbents with a lot of water: the more water, the faster will be the chemical reactions of detoxification of the body.

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