Anti-inflammatory drops for animals "Surolan": instructions for use

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The tool "Surolan" describes the instruction ascomplex preparation intended for the treatment of otitis parasitic, fungal and bacterial etiology in cats and dogs. The use of this drug has a pronounced antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, its use in the recommended doses of the manufacturer does not have any resorptive-toxic or skin-irritating effect. As for the degree of impact on the animal's body of the "Surolan" remedy, the instruction to which is always attached in the kit, it can be defined as moderate.

This drug is produced in the form of ear drops,which is a syrupy suspension, with a weak specific odor. The composition of this complex agent as active elements include prednisolone acetate, polymyxin B sulfate and miconazole nitrate.

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Additional substances are liquidparaffin and colloidal silicon dioxide. In this case, the useful action rendered by means of "Surolan" (the instruction confirms this) is directly determined by its composition. For example, miconazole nitrate has a pronounced antifungal activity against gram-positive pathogens. Prednisolone acetate has a strong antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect, and polymyxin B sulfate, a polypeptide-type antibiotic, has a bactericidal effect against Gram negative bacteria.

Apply ear drops "Surolan" in mostcases are recommended to eliminate otitis media of the external ear in dogs or cats. The most effective is this remedy for inflammation caused by gram-negative or gram-positive bacteria, as well as fungi and yeast. When otitis, triggered by ear mites, also recommends starting to use the drug "Surolan". Instruction, reviews indicate good results of its use for dermatitis in cats and dogs.

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As for the treatment regimen, then, as a rule,experts advise to bury this anti-inflammatory drug twice a day for three to five drops in each ear. In the case of otitis media of fungal or bacterial origin, therapy should be continuous and continue until complete elimination of clinical symptoms. In some situations, treatment can take from two to three weeks. More specific terms can be called only by a veterinarian after a direct inspection of the animal.

Especially it should be emphasized that the use of drops"Surolan" instruction categorically forbids for cats and dogs with perforated membranes. In addition, do not use this anti-inflammatory agent in case of individual sensitivity of the animal to the components contained in its composition. As for the complications and possible side reactions, if the instructions are correctly observed, they, as a rule, are not observed.

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